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I have been sick… December 28, 2007

Filed under: Holiday,Mercy,pictures,Sarah — Ellie @ 10:50 pm

Well… I have been sick… FOR A WHOLE WEEK!!!

Actually, it was six days… it felt like at least six months. This is the reason I have not worked on the blog lately.

 Today Momma and I went to the place in Pontotoc where we are opening our booth. I see that our booth is somewhat small, but I think that is actually a good thing: this way, there is less to fill up :-). No, really, I like making the overalls & helping Momma with the other products. I love being able to work at my house with the people I like most all around me. Where else could I have Hannah read “The Fellowship Of The Ring” to me while I work? Or have Mercy sit in my lap and ‘help’ (AKA, press every button and pull every lever she shouldn’t press or pull)? Anyway, next week I need to make Monkey overalls and a few pair Girl frogs to get ready for when we move into the booth.

We had a wonderful Christmas Celebration on Christmas eve… despite the fact that we were all sick. Momma gave Mercy one of those bags of 100 little plastic balls like a ball pit (we just put them in a Rubbermaid box) and she has been playing with it NON-STOP! She loves it.


“Hey Momma? I’ll take care of the Holiday leftovers!”


“OK, now THAT was yummy!”

Sarah BEGS me to come and play a game with her… I can not longer resist. However, I may write more tomorrow


One Response to “I have been sick…”

  1. Emma Says:

    What a cute baby! Is she your sister? I’m pretty sure that you weren’t sick for six months.

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