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Our Booth, our Baby, and our Toddlers… January 8, 2008

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We have our booth sort of-semi set up now, although it is not fully stocked yet. This afternoon we intend to go over there a finish up a few things, and Momma wants to put together a binder of monogram samples for the front desk. I still need girl Monkey overalls & I also want to put some Birthday Overalls in there.

Well, now our first homestudy visit is scedueled… I won’t say that I’m not nervous about it, but not nearly as much as I could be (and thought I would be). I mean, I like us alot (what’s not to like?) so why wouldn’t the social worker? For real, I guess if she doesn’t approve us that means that maybe God doesn’t want us to have a Baby (although that thought already nearly saddens me to death).

I sometimes wonder what Mercy will think when we get the Baby. But I guess she will probably just get used to it. I think she will be really sweet, except maybe when she’s tired… after all, she is a teeny bit spoiled ūüôā¬† Of course, we talk to her about getting a baby, but she is too little to understand what that means. She likes to point at the Cuppy and sleeper we have sitting on our hutch in the breakfast nook and say “baby”. I sometimes am surprised when Mercy says something: I’m not used to her talking yet. She seems to have turned into a ‘toddler’ all of a sudden…

Annie thinks it is the¬†greatest “perk”¬†of adoption that you can pick the Baby’s skin colour. She said “I want a brown one with brown eyes and brown curly hair.” Well, we’ll take whatever God sends us, but He probably will send us one of those… except the curly hair might be black ūüôā

Baby Mercy 

Mercy- the day of her birth with Momma

 Mercy 1st Bithday 

Mercy Kate 1st Birthday

Yey-Yey & MerMer

Mercy (now 19 mos.) and YeyYey (Trey)- taken a few nights ago