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Favourite Pictures of 2007 January 14, 2008

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Steve-O, Annie, Me, Caitlyn, Hannah, Sarah. (SRING 2007)

For three months this year, we were able to have both the blessing and the hardship of having my three beautiful cousins- Caitlyn, Stephen, and Isabelle- live with us.  This picture was taken wile Isabelle and Mercy were in their naps.

Tug O War


Trey, Sarah, Catherine, Kyler, Lee, Ruth, Samuel, Jacob, Kelan and Chase. (MAY 2007)

We were blessed to have a gathering of our friends & family at our  home in May, 2007. It was one of the ‘highlights’ of this past year- especially the large assortment of home-made Ice Cream!


Michael Lee McCoy

The first time he went fishing (our pond, early 2007) Lee caught 4 beautiful fish!

We were blessed this year to have Lee enter our lives- our dear friends were the recipients of what has proved to be an immeasurable amount of blessing when they adopted four (now 5) year old Lee. Today is Lee’s gotcha day!

Mercy & Macrae

 Mercy & Macrae

This picture was taken this summer at Emily’s Piano Recital. Macrae was just learning to sit up, and Mercy was giving him a few ‘pointers’. 🙂

Annie & Lelly 

This is Summer!

Annie and Hallel eating watermelon in the swimming pool

This picture was taken one afternoon wile Lelly was staying to play with Annie.  It was sooo hot, so Momma let them get in the swimming pool- on the front porch, because the sun was too hot anywhere else- and of course, have a summer snack!

Trey & Jacob

Everything’s a Sword!

Trey & Jake

Trey and Jacob found these Mosquitto Torches at a camp ground we stayed at in Kentucky. They played like they were Inigo & Westley fighting in The Princess Bride.

Bass Pro Shop

Bass Pro

Daddy, Annie, Mercy Kate & Momma

We had the opportunity to visit the Bass Pro Shop during the capiegn this fall (much to Ben’s delight). This picture was taken on one of the upstairs benches by Sarah.

Vote For Daddy

Hot on the Campeign Trail!

Mercy Kate

This picture was taken in late summer of Mercy soliciting votes at the Neshoba County Fair.

Mercy Paint

One Happy Artist!

Mercy Kate, late summer

I got out the washable paints in the landing room and let Mercy be creative. She was literally so happy that she would occasionally sit down on the floor and squeel at the top of her lungs. She also decorated herself, and ate a blue marker 🙂 


Isn’t he a handsome little fellow?

Macrae, mid-summer

This picture was taken by me in our front lawn, during one of those relaxing drop-in visits when there was nothing to do but visit (and, of course, take pictures!)

Macrae’s Birthday

Did I hear someone say CANDY?

Neo, Ben, Sarah, Ruth, Hannah R, Annie, Hannah B and Lelly

For Macrae’s 1st Birthday, we had a pinita. Here are the kids, dashing to collect the Candy.


Happy Fall!

Mercy Kate

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!