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This and That January 22, 2008

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Since I haven’t posted in around a week, I figured it was about time. We haven’t actually been exactly busier than usual lately, but that doesn’t mean we have not been busy. Plus, Mer has been cutting FIVE teeth this week, and so everything that comes with a toddler cutting a tooth is amplified five times over (only two left to pop through, thank goodness!). Tuesday was Momma & Dad’s “orientation meeting” with Life Choices (our adoption agency). They did it over the phone, so I’m not really sure exactly what they talked about, but they sure talked (over two hours). Momma was very pleased & said she was able to ask all of the questions she had wanted to ask. Tuesday was also Ben’s 11th birthday, BTW.

Thursday was our first homestudy visit, and we got to meet our WONDERFUL (so far) social worker, Annice. She was nothing like I would have imagined if I had given myself the chance. I think I might have imagined her a skinny old woman with her hair in a tight bun, condescending to say hello and nod but not to shake hands. She set us at ease right away, talking away and trying desperately to remember all the names and faces presented to her. She looked over the house, but made it very clear the she held a good family life higher than the size of the house. Not that we were too concerned on that subject: we have a good-sized house, and plenty of space indoors & outdoors. I must say that the visit was far more ’fun’ than I would have thought. Everyone says it is like making a new friend, and I now understand what it meant by that. She told me that in future visits she might want to ask us older kids some questions. To tell the truth, if she had said it before I met her the idea would have been so intimidating, but she is easy to talk to and just plain nice! She works for the health department, so she is working on getting us in for our TB test and all our testing for our health forums soon. Momma finished her bio and I typed it out for her yesterday, and Dad finished his awhile back. The paperwork for New Beginnings (they’re doing our homestudy) is just about finished, and we are thankful to God that everything really seems to be coming together. Actually, it is coming together to fast that it just about seems like a whirl.

I have really been praying lately for so many people, and struggling with how so many people have responded to our decision to adopt a child simply because of the whole B-L-A-C-K thing. I am very glad that I know already that I will be able to love our Baby quite as much as I would if he/she were a very white baby with very blue eyes who was born into our family. I know this because of Isaac, mostly. There is nothing there, his skin colour does not change the fact that he is an adorable little boy, it doesn’t change the way he can crawl into a persons heart and make them love him. It sometimes hurts, because although some of these people who are responding so negatively are not so close to me, some of them I love very much. Some of them, it hurts very much. I pray the God would work this out to be to His own glory in the end. I pray that, as a friend of ours suggested, this will be a chance for our friends to learn and grow. I keep hoping and praying that (if not before) when we get our Baby, and he/she is a very, extremely real little person, so many of these theories will be blown away.

Well, in other news, the “grand opening” for the antique mall where our booth is located will be Feb. 2, so tomorrow Momma and I are going up there to “make a plan” as Momma said. I’m really going to have to get some work done before then, I have so little up there right now. I need to make stuff! And we got the very fist order off our website tonight! Finally! Of late, our web site statistics show that we have had an increase of visits by about two thirds, and the average visit length has gone up 2 minutes, and still climbing. Every week when I check our average visits per day, it has gone up two-three visits (this is a GOOD thing).

This week is the RV show in Tupelo, so dad and I guess Trey will be up there working, probably access hours some days. I hope that it is a success, and some of that success comes Daddy’s way (all the more to help with the Adoption). I was supposed to g up there tomorrow, but for once in my life I do not at all want to go. I have plenty of work to do here, and it is so warm and cozy here at home. I think I will send Jacob instead if it is allowed.

Well, I know these blog posts are supposed to be short and to the point so I guess I’ll go ahead and shut my mouth, although I have plenty more I hoped to say. I reckon I’ll just save that for next time.