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Amber Mathenia January 24, 2008

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On Tuesday, January 22, our dear friend Amber Mathenia entered into her rest.

When the news reached me of the car accident on Tuesday night, it really did not sink in: No. I thought not really. It can’t be, really! But it is really. 

I am thankful that Christ spared for Mr. Anthony thier two children, Isaac & Ellie. Although they were in the jeep when it happened (the jeep rolled several times) & thier mother was killed instantly, Ellie & Isaac were unharmed. Oh, how I thank God for this! 

How glad Mrs. Amber must be right now! To be face to face with the God she sought after, to be singing his praise in the company of to heavenly host. The words of a poem by Amy Carmichael come into my mind “oh how fair Thy house must be, with all the flowers we’ve lent to Thee!”

My heart goes out to her family, to all of her loved ones who are left to trudge on a little while longer without her. Please join me in praying for them in this difficult time.

I remember what a testimony her life has been to the goodness of Christ, what a testimony she has left behind that is even now, I trust, touching the hearts of many. I remember her smile, and how often she used it.  I thank God for the instemental way He used her in our family: He used her to change our familly, forever & ever, by encouraging us to persue adoption.

We were in the middle of making matching outfits together for Ellie & Isaac. She made Isaac’s herself, but she never got to finish it! Momma & I have finished both Isaac & Ellie’s for her, and in an odd way it has given me great comfort to be able to do that. I am so saddened that Mrs. Amber never got to see them wear them, but I also am very happy for her now…

Prehaps I will return tomorrow… there is so much more to be said, so much more that I had hoped to say, but I cannot sort out my thoughts enough to say them.

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