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I haven’t posted in awhile… February 18, 2008

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However, I haven’t really taken the time to “think out” a post… if you want to read something good, visit Jake’s blog.

Riley Family

 Trey (holding Mercy Kate), Ben, Hannah, Ellie, Jake, Emma, Annie (in front of Emma),Sarah Joy, Daddy, and Momma.

After church services Sunday, we got Savannah to take our family picture to send in with our adoption application.  If you have ever tried to take a picture with eleven people (many of whom are children) before, you probably understand why we didn’t get any very good shots…  

Book Study


So it was the middle of bookstudy, and Momma uses sign language to instruct me to go get the camera, and then to take a picture… well everyone was looking around thinking “what was that flash?” and “don’t tell me Lelly or Annie got their hands on the camera!” Any, I’m glad we have the picture… and I think Momma’s idea was that we could use it in our profile book. 

Anakin and Padme

I said I’d post a picture of the pigs…

That’s Anakin in the front & behind him is Padme (she’s prettier than Anakin!)


Please pray for our adoption…



5 Responses to “I haven’t posted in awhile…”

  1. Sarah Joy Says:

    Like the picture of the pigs (even though it reminds me of how they smell).

  2. Katie Says:

    When my cat had kittens right after episode 3 of Star Wars came out, I named two of them Anakin and Padme’. Kittens to pigs! Anyway, I thought it was kind of interesting.

  3. ellie16 Says:

    Thanks to everyone who is posting comments 🙂

  4. mom Says:

    Hey hon! That picture is to dark. Your gonna have to do it again. See if you can get everyone to sit on one end of the room ;o)

  5. ellie16 Says:

    Oh great! In the middle of bookstudy, once again, except this time I will have to say “could everyone please move to the other end of the room so that I can take a good photo?”
    Actually, I have nursury tomorrow. So I guess someone else will have to take the job. I heard that Jake wants to do it. (-:
    Sarah, for some reason, wants me to write “Ooh-oh-oh-oh, I love it!”. Whatever, you silly Squeeky Mouse.

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