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Update February 26, 2008

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Ok, I know I’m not really a very frequent “poster”. I have plenty to say- it floats around in my head- but I have not been able to just get it all ‘out of my hand’ (my left hand, Mr. Ron. I’m not ashamed of it). Some of it’s on my laptop, though, halfway written down, so check back soon (I can’t get online with that thing!).

Right now, here’s a quick update on the adoption-

Sometimes, it seems like we’re getting close to getting a baby… sometimes, it feels like that time will never arrive. Right now Momma is upstairs working on the “dear birth-mother letter”- this is the last this to do before sending in the application to LifeChoices. I asked Momma today when our final home-study visit is scheduled for and I thinkshe said Annice will be coming on Thursday. After that visit, she will be able to close out the home-study.

I’m searching through our photo’s for some good ones to put in the profile book. There are PLENTY of good pictures of Mercy, Dad & Ben. They’re just really photogenic. In all of the pic’s of Hannah or Annie they’re making poses & trying to look ‘dramatic’, Sarah Joy always has a ‘smart-alec’ look, and as for everyone else we just don’t have that many pictures of them. So looks like we’ll have to take some pictures (we won’t have any problem with THAT.)

Please do continue to pray for our adoption.



One Response to “Update”

  1. Katie Says:

    I am really praying for all of you as you send in the application; I hope everything will be processed quickly, so that you’ll be holding the new baby soon. I can’t wait to see it!

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