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Riley Kids Photo February 28, 2008

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Annice came today for our final Homestudy visit. BUT we will be able to keep seeing her after we get the Baby because she’ll be doing the post-placement visits (SCORE! She really IS the best social worker ever.)

Now we’re working on our profile book b/c Momma email our dear birthmother letter to Judy & she suggested we combine it with our book- I’m taking a break from gathering up photos to write this. I think Momma’s going to go to Hobby Lobby tomorrow & get a book, then we’ll be able to start working on it in ernest.

Plese don’t forget to continue in praying for the Mathenia’s– I find that it is easy to remember to pray for them now, while our own loss is so fresh & we miss Mrs. Amber so much.–But perhaps you have noticed as I have that it is not as easy to remember Mr. Anthony and those darling babies as it was a month ago. We DO NOT need to forget them.

 AND, for those of you who are wondering, Hannah now officially exists and Ben will soon.

Sorry this is such a rambling & disconnected post! I really just got on here to post this picture we took today:

Riley Kids


3 Responses to “Riley Kids Photo”

  1. Katie Says:

    I love that picture! It’s really good of all of you… Mercy is sooo cute!

  2. Morgan Price Says:

    That picture is great! Daddy took a picture of us like that a few months ago, and he had to hang the camera from the ceiling fan.(it wasn’t turned on)

  3. Hannah Says:

    That is a really good picture!!

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