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So What Do You Do On Fridays? March 7, 2008

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With us, what we do is never the same week to week. Of course, some things never change- Ben twirls around the house in the afternoon rejoicing that the school week is over,  Hannah & Sarah talk of their ‘morning to sleep in’ tomorrow (so what is every other day around here?), the boys watch a movie… This post doesn’t really have much of a point, but for those of you reading who might live far away (grandparents), I thought you might like to know what we did today.

After school, we did chores & stuff. Tonight we had visitors, so there was also some time spent finding the extra chairs & etc. The real highlight of the day (besides having company, which is always delightful) was the snow/sleet. The younger children, in particular, had a WONDERFUL TIME!!! It wasn’t until after dark that the snow started actually sticking, but that did not stop them: they were out there with their flashlights doing all those things people who don’t get snow much do on the rare occasions that some actually comes (we, the old boring people, were in the warm basement visiting with the F. family). They collected some snow & I made snowcream to eat… not the best ever, but still snowcream.

When it came time for the F.’s to leave, everyone followed them out & I don’t know how it happened, but somebody(it wasn’t me! Really, it wasn’t!) threw that first snowball and well… we had a little goodbye snowball fight. Mercy in particular LOVED this game. She laughed, and laughed, and laughed. She talked of it for the rest of the night (until she went to bed) & although we can’t really understand what she’s saying, the words “FUN” & “FUNNY” played a big part in it. I’m hoping the snow is still there in the morning so I can get some good pictures of her playing in it.

As for what everyone is doing right now: Ben, Hannah, Sarah, Annie, Mercy, Momma & Dad are all in bed, Emma is probably reading, Trey is hovering around waiting to use the computer after me, and Jake I think has some insane idea of getting on here AFTER Trey is done… it’s 11:48 P.M…

Well, I really need to go now. I have to sleep sometimes (or so they tell me).

I hope to have time & write out a good adoption update this weekend or maybe Monday. Thanks for sticking around (those who did) to read this whole thing…

Mercy in the snow

Mercy… this was this afternoon before the ground got really covered…


4 Responses to “So What Do You Do On Fridays?”

  1. Katie Says:

    We have about five or six inches here, and we’re about to go out and have a ball with it! (It’s pretty early yet… 7:44…I think I sympathize with Sarah and Hannah.) Glad y’all got snow!

  2. Hannah Says:

    Mercy looks cold…but cute. We got a lot of snow here. Last night we went out side and built snowmen and had snow ball fights(it was hard to see everyone). And this morning the snow was even deeper. This is the best snow New Albany has had in a long time.


  3. flinding Says:

    Mercy looks about six in that picture!
    You didn’t tell much about the chair incident.

  4. ellie16 Says:

    Katie- we had even more snow this morning & most of us were up early playing in it…
    Hannah- thanks for commenting!
    Jake- I figured I’d leave that for you to tell about on your blog…

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