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O.K. so I know it’s been awhile… March 22, 2008

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We have been sick (stomach virus) off and on for most of the time since my last post- I think we are FINALLY over it, though.

Last week Momma and I went to Memphis to get her fingerprints run for the FBI (for the adoption) {read about that here} and then Wednesday the whole family loaded up & we went and had Dad’s done. I think we have a few odds & end things to get together but we are basically almost there- now Momma & Dad are working on filling out some grant applications.


Annie has been very cute today- using words she just found out about (-: We were boating in the pond earlier & Mercy was waiting for her turn. “Hurry up!” Annie hollered from the deck “MO-Mo is DESPERATE to get in that boat!” We had grandparents down today & ate a big lunch, then grazed all afternoon- so tonight Momma said that we would not really have a supper. When Dad and the big boys go home, Annie saw Dad warming up a leftover  hamburger.  “Momma said we couldn’t eat supper”she informed him matter-of-factually “We have been eating all day.” “O.K, but the boys & I haven’t been eating all day.” Dad protested. “Oh, not y’all.” Annie told him “Y’all can just knock yourselves out.”

Well Ben just came in here with some ice-cream and I think I’ll go get some for myself.

Some of y’all might enjoy this post (The Rest Stop)  & this post (Jake) tomorrow.


One Response to “O.K. so I know it’s been awhile…”

  1. momma Says:

    Hey…. write your own posts. I want to hear from you, not just links to other brilliant folks.

    Love ya,
    p.s. are you sure Annie didn’t just assume Mer wanted in the boat? Assume is the word for today.

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