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Adoption Update April 17, 2008

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***We got Ben b c. Hannah now has her ssn and all we’re waiting for is Ben’s. More later.

O.K, so you’re thinking “more later. Ha.” But I really have been rather busy. Plus, they changed up the wordpress site and I really haven’t figured it out yet. But anyhow here I am. BTW, Ben’s SSN came about a week ago. FINALLY!

*** If you haven’t read THIS POST on Momma’s blog yet, go there first***

So we think (Momma say’s you’re never sure ’til the money’s in your hand) that we will have the $9800.00 placement fee by the time the baby mentioned in Momma’s post is born. As you can imagine, the excitement of recieving the news that the funds were coming was only excelled by the excitement of actually calling J and telling her (which was done with all speed). J said that the baby is a girl and the mother is scedualed to have her April 29th (we thought at first that it was the 28th, the anniversary of Abby’s birth). 

The people at our adoption agency decided to wait until the day after Baby Girl # 1 is born to show our profile book. That is a little under two weeks, and the waiting is not easy. Daddy is nearly convinced that she is our Baby- J tries not to get too involved but she says we DO  seem so perfect for Baby Girl # 1 and she really thinks that she is ours. She is NOT ours yet. The birthmom will be looking at our profile book and possibly one other family (they have not decided yet) on or around the 30th of this month and she will pick the family.

Please, Please, Please pray for Baby Girl # 1 AND her birthmom, as well as our own family.

For those interested– We have decided on the name “Lydia Hope” for a girl or “Josiah Jackson” for a boy.



4 Responses to “Adoption Update”

  1. Katie Says:

    Oh my! It’s so exciting that y’all may get your new baby soon. (Yeah, I know even a few weeks seem like forever. 🙂 I’ll be praying.

  2. Hannah Says:

    I’m so happy for y’all!!!!:D

  3. ellie16 Says:

    Thanks, Katie & Hannah

  4. maidenoftheroses Says:

    I’m praying for y’all. Thanks for the updates!

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