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While We Wait… April 23, 2008

Filed under: adoption,life,random — Ellie @ 1:15 pm

There really just isn’t any news about the baby right now. Of course we couldn’t expect any, but… it seems like the time is passing so slowly and yet I am amazed that she will be born in less than a week now (29th, if not before). While we wait we are…


Momma and I are re-covering the living room couch to make it more home-with-at-least-9-kids-if-not-more-in-it-most-of-the-time friendly. This fabric will be far less likely to show up chocolate milk and sticky handprints- plus it matches the new curtains Momma mad (another thing we’ve been doing while we wait). I would post photos but I left the camera in a very un-home-with-at-least-9-kids-if-not-more-in-it-most-of-the-time friendly place… and Mercy got it and dropped it on the sewing room floor and… it did not survive.

Well this post would be longer but it isn’t. And that’s that.

Please continue to pray for the baby… 



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