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Happy Birthday to the wonderfullest 2 year old! May 30, 2008

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This is the wonderful Mercy Kate. It is hard to believe that tomorrow (Sat. May 31) will mark two years since this Princess was born! I love you, Mo-Mo! (this is the only pic of her I have on this laptop).

Mercy is going to spend the afternoon with Papaw- which she refuses to allow us to forget. Everyonce and awhile she’ll come up and say “Memaw an’ Papaw come tomorrow! Memaw Papaw Coming!” I don’t know hows she’s going to blow out candles though; she doesn’t like cake. Or Ice Cream. NOT a dessert person! But she likes sherbert, so I guess that’s what she’ll have. And if she could put candles in potato chips, she’d be the happiest girl alive!

I asked her what she wanted to say to the blog and, seeing the pic of herself, she commented “Dat girl shoes funny.” 

This is the most picture of the precious best-beloved baby Josiah until after the 2nd (which, thankfully, is only 2 days away). Believe me, I could fill a post talking about him… but I guess I better not since this post is supposed to be about Mercy.

Pray for us as we wait.

~ Ellie


Josiah (once more) May 24, 2008

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First of all, since we don’t know whether we’re allowed to post pics of Josiah, I can’t put any up here. BUT if you check Momma’s blog you’ll find that she posted a picture of herself and daddy when they first met him, and she is holding him in the picture. You can’t see him that well, but if you haven’t seen a pic of him already then you probably want to check it out.

I can barely wait until I get to meet him! There’s no telling when that will be, though. Maybe on the 2 of June. Maybe after. Momma said he is wonderful and sweet, and I got to talk to him on the phone for a minute; and I think heard him make this little sound. 

Mercy is doing well, thankfully she didn’t really get that sick- only a little fever. I kept her full of Motrin, benedryl and painted her legs with baking soda paste stuffy. I guess that worked because she didn’t really fuss about it that much Thursday. She was pretty whiney yesterday but she is doing good today.

 well… I really have to go.

Please continue to pray for Josiah, the family he is with, his birth family, and us as we WAIT.



Josiah May 22, 2008

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Right now Momma and Dad are in Memphis visiting Josiah. Momma called just a minute ago and said he is WONDERFUL. She said he is so sweet and soft. *sigh*. We (us kids) will not be able to meet until after June 2, when bmom goes to court. We will probably bring him home soon after that.

Well earlier Mercy got into some fire ants and she got ALOT of bites (I counted at least seventy) and she is starting to get rather fussy (imagine that!) so I’ll go. 


JOSIAH! May 17, 2008

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Josiah: CAN’T WAIT!

I know alot of you want to hear news about Josiah Jackson, but the truth is, we dont have any. Fran, his cradle-care mom, has emailed us some pictures- HE IS ADORABLE! I’ll post pics of him AS SOON AS I CAN. Until then, just prepare yourselves: he’ll be the cutest baby you’ve seen this year. Probably in your life. Just be prepared.

Well, the others are about to put in a (real old) film version of Robin Hood which Papaw gave us today and I ‘have’ to go see it- sorry, I wasn’t planning on this being so short. THANKS PAPAW!

*****all of our pics are on the downstairs desktop and I’m on laptop- but I plan to post some photos soon.