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Josiah (once more) May 24, 2008

Filed under: adoption,JOSIAH!,Mercy — Ellie @ 12:24 pm

First of all, since we don’t know whether we’re allowed to post pics of Josiah, I can’t put any up here. BUT if you check Momma’s blog you’ll find that she posted a picture of herself and daddy when they first met him, and she is holding him in the picture. You can’t see him that well, but if you haven’t seen a pic of him already then you probably want to check it out.

I can barely wait until I get to meet him! There’s no telling when that will be, though. Maybe on the 2 of June. Maybe after. Momma said he is wonderful and sweet, and I got to talk to him on the phone for a minute; and I think heard him make this little sound. 

Mercy is doing well, thankfully she didn’t really get that sick- only a little fever. I kept her full of Motrin, benedryl and painted her legs with baking soda paste stuffy. I guess that worked because she didn’t really fuss about it that much Thursday. She was pretty whiney yesterday but she is doing good today.

 well… I really have to go.

Please continue to pray for Josiah, the family he is with, his birth family, and us as we WAIT.



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