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Settling In (w/ pics!) June 17, 2008

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He looks so sweet sleeping all curled up like this!


Josiah today… I wish I had cropped this but it took so long to upload that I decided just to leave it

This is Mercy, Josiah and I when we first met him

Josiah is settling in well. Yestreday was his one week gotcha day and I keep thinking and literally find it difficult to believe that he has only been with us 8 days. This morning I got him out of bed and thought “has this really only happened 7 times?” It is so strange, when a new baby comes, how fast you forget what it was like before, and can’t even imagine living without him. He is SO wonderful!

Mercy with Boom-Boom

Mercy is wearing Boom-Boom, her FAVOURITE BESTEST birthday present. Mercy likes Boom-Boom a whole lot, so much that she doesn’t mind that he is really A LEASH.  

 Tomorrow we hope to go to the zoo in Memphis- rather belated, for Mercy’s birthday. We DIFINATELY need to bring “Boom-Boom” there!





4 Responses to “Settling In (w/ pics!)”

  1. Hannah Says:

    Josiah is sooo cute when he curls up while sleeping, I love that pic!!!! The Memphis zoo is sooo much fun. We used to go every year with my dad’s side of the family, it never got old, we haven’t been in a while though….

  2. ellie16 Says:

    Hannah- yeah, we go every year too- several times usually, since we discovered that for a family our size, a year long family membership is cheeper than just one visit! I hope to post pics of today soon

  3. Hannah Says:

    Ok, more pics sounds good!!

  4. flinding Says:

    He is cute. Reminds me of me.
    I think everyone who has seen Josiah must see that he isn’t photogenic. As cute as these shots are, the real artical can’t help but be cuter.

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