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Josiah’s Doctor Pictures July 28, 2008

Filed under: JOSIAH!,pictures — Ellie @ 11:51 am

Most people reading here have already heard about Josiah’s trip to the hospital in Memphis Friday… here are some pictures. 

Josiah at the pediatrician Friday morning

On the way to LeBonuer

After he got his IV in

Sleeping after his CT scan

Notice it getting better yet?

Yay! Going home


5 Responses to “Josiah’s Doctor Pictures”

  1. Hannah Says:

    Awww…. poor Josiah!! Toward the end of the pictures I can tell his eye was getting better. and it looked a lot better Sunday!!
    I feel sorry for him…his eye looks like it hurt!!

    See ya later

    Will you be there Tuesday?
    If so see ya then!!

  2. Morgan Price Says:

    Hi Ellen! Josiah is sooo cute!! Anyway, mamma wanted me to give y’all this website- http://www.jasonlprice.com (its got lots of pictures!)

  3. katie Says:

    We love looking at pics of Josiah, but let’s have some new ones, at least. 🙂 New post please!

  4. ellie16 Says:

    Morgan- thanks!
    Katie- I know, I know!!!

  5. Hannah Baggett Says:

    I agree with Katie

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