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The Sewing Room & Pictures August 21, 2008

Filed under: random — Ellie @ 12:58 pm

About a month ago, Momma & I sort of “re-did” the sewing room, plus cleaning it up. It had gotten to where we both knew which part of the pile to look for which pair of scissors in, which part of the pile to find the thread in, etc. This seems like a great system, right? Well, not really, especially now that Hannah is starting to sew in there more & more. We actually first started thinking we might need to organize one day about 7 or 8 months ago when Mrs. Amber was coming over to sew and we took the whole morning just to find a pattern we needed 😎

These dresses are some of what I’ve been sewing lately. Notice the adorable models?

It was Annie’s idea to hold the kittens in the pictures… however, we had to discontinue that plan when Mercy nearly strangled Cappy 🙂

But Annie knows how to take care of her own kittens, as she often reminds us. She also knows “how to make them obey. And when they need a spanken.” Thankfully, she hasen’t tested her disipline plan on the kittens. Yet.

Some of you might wonder if Mercy is always as sweet as she appears in the photos you see on this blog. My answer is

 Why, of course she is.


then again…

 …every one has their moments…


5 Responses to “The Sewing Room & Pictures”

  1. amongchosenones Says:

    Sewing room look terrific !

    Outfits look colorful enough for the circus !

    Glad you’re blogging ! Something fun to look at.

  2. ellie16 Says:

    Well… the sewing room doesn’t look that good RIGHT NOW, I have to clean it today 😀 .

  3. Hannah Baggett Says:

    The sewing room does look good! Annie and Mercy look adorable in their matching out fits! Thanks for posting!

  4. katie Says:

    I used to spank my kittens, (gently,) so that they would “know what the consequences were.” Unfortunately, they never did learn very well, and all I got for my careful disciplining were scratches. TWO POSTS IN SUCH A SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME??? What is the world coming to? ~smile~

  5. ellie16 Says:

    Katie~ unforunately it seems Annie will not be able to test her discipline plan- two of our kittens got sick & died yestreday 😦 we don’t know for sure why, but we feel strongly that it had somewhat to do with thier odd fasination with EATING the old water balloons after the battle on the day prior :-{
    for those who care- Cappy (Mercy is holding him in one of the pics) is the only one still around. sad.

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