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Amazing August 30, 2008

Filed under: random — Ellie @ 4:59 pm

This boy is so amazing. I never could have began to imagine how sweet a Baby our Baby would be. It is very strange, and I cannot understand it, that God would tell us ‘I love you’ by giving us him, only a few months after He told us the same thing by taking Mrs. Amber.

The lovely misses Mercy & Annie




9 Responses to “Amazing”

  1. Katie Says:

    I’m truly lovin’ Annie’s braids! I used to get Laura or Anna to do that to my hair, and I loved the way it looked when it came down all crinkly and wavy. Josiah IS such a sweet, lovable baby. (Not that y’all need anyone to tell you that. :))

  2. flinding Says:

    Josiah: “hey”
    Mercy: “See? I can pick her up”

  3. RileyDad Says:

    How about more posts — pictures and writing ?

    We aren’t limited by dial up/ waiting turns to get online now, ya’ know.


  4. ellie16 Says:

    Dad- that wasn’t ever it for me… lack of TIME, more like…. but I have some posts planned out so maybe you’ll see them soon.

  5. Katie Says:

    Ellen, (taps fingers impatiently on table,) we haven’t heard from you in a loooong time! Please give us some of those posts you’ve planned out? Please?

  6. Katie Says:

    Ummmm…. hello? Anyone home?

  7. Hannah Says:

    Yes I agree….I think it’s time for a new post 😉


  8. flinding Says:

    Um, allow me to speak plainly. You…must…write. Come on, Augest 30th? that’s pretty bad.

  9. Hannah Says:

    Augest ???? You mean August….

    August 30th?? Ellen come on!! Your good at posting and we all enjoy reading your post very much and we can’t enjoy them if you don’t post. PLEASE POST!!!!

    See ya Sunday!!

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