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Somewhere between Detroit & Amsterdam… October 15, 2008

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That is where Jake is right now. Up in the sky. In am airplane. He is supposed to be arriving in Addis about at 1:05pm tomorrow (our time). Please keep Jake in your prayers as well as the four others from Christ Church, New Albany who are going to Ethiopia for round 6 of PTI.

To read about PTI in the past-


And hopefully Mr. Anthony will keep this updated while they’re there-


Mercy says that right now, Jake is on a plane with An-fa-ny and Chuck Baggett but soon he’ll be in Opiopia (where the cookies are going!). She miss him. After we left the airport she kept trying to tell us that we forgot to get Jake- but some fruit snacks & pringles cheered her up.


Jake- In case you are able to read this, we miss you so much!!!

We went to the zoo & had a picnic after the airport. At one point I fell behind & isen’t it strange how when one person is gone our family suddenly seems so small?

I hope you’re having a fruitful trip so far! Love You!

(crazy thing wont let me post a picture! whats up with that?)

Oh, and one more thing- this doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about my last post on Adoption- part two is still coming.


3 Responses to “Somewhere between Detroit & Amsterdam…”

  1. Hannah Says:

    I know how you feel! I miss my dad and
    brother too!! They just stopped for gas (for
    the air plane) and are on their way to
    Ethiopia. It seems lonley around here
    without Malachi and Dad!!!

    See you Sunday!!

  2. Hannah Says:


    We just got an email from daddy and they
    are now in Ethiopia!! Every thing/Everybody
    is doing great their all tired they didn’t get
    any rest on the plane so they were about to go
    to bed. It is almost 12:00.m. there (they’re
    8 hours ahead of us). Just thought I would
    let y’all know!!


  3. Ellie Says:

    Yeah your dad emailed us too.
    I just got done e-mail Jake & I hope I hear from him their tomorrow. We miss him around here!

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