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Rondom pic’s since I can’t post what I’ve written October 18, 2008

Filed under: pictures,random — Ellie @ 11:55 am

Laptop is messing up (?) so I can’t post what I’ve written. Here’s recent pics instead- oh, & I hope I’ll be able to post alot more often now that we have our wildblue set up right. It is so much faster than before, and doesn’t take 2 hours to post 🙂 

The sweet & wonderful Josiah having his first sink-bath

Daddy on a tractor

Hannah at the zoo

Annie on her birthday (with her new cookin’ gear!)


One Response to “Rondom pic’s since I can’t post what I’ve written”

  1. morgan Says:

    Hi Ellen! our computer hasn’t been working, so I havn’t goten online in a while. You’ve been busy! I loved reading your posts on adoption, I agree with you 100% and I am looking forword to reading part three!

    I love all the pictures too!

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