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The Brown & Pink of it (book reccomendation) October 24, 2008

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I would like to highly reccomend the book “One Blood” by Ken Ham, Carl Wieland, and Don Batten to any person who lives in a world where there is confusion, predjudice, and bitterness about ‘race’. I have acually been thinking about this topic for some time, but quite frankly I don’t know if my thoughts are clear enough to write a blog about ‘race’. The other day, Ellie (the Ethiopian daughter of a friend), who is very fond of Josiah, was sitting and playing with him. Then she asked me “Did he grow in his mommy’s tummy?” [that means ‘is he a birth child or adopted?’] I thought, what in the world? Didn’t she see that he is brown & his Mommy is pink? And that made me wonder- does she know? I know that Ellie notices that he is the same colour as Isaac & herself, but what does that really mean in her four-year-old head? Anything? It makes me wish that things could be so simple for adults as they are for her- but they’re not. It’s more complicated than that, because we have made it more complicated.

What exactly is racism? It is rooted in the evolutionary belief that there is more than one ‘race’, and there still are many, many sad people in the world who- knowingly or not- believe that God somehow is more proud of one people group than another. There are, sadly, still people out there who would love a vanilla Josiah- exactly the same except the amont of melanin- but will not love the chocolate one. The reason I say ‘sadly’ is because I feel their loss everyday. The reason this hurts so much is because- though of course we are not a brown family- we’re just not quite as white as we used to be (isn’t that fun?). While I do not care in the least what people who don’t know think of us, it does hurt to have this small glimpse of what Josiah will have to live with. Anyway, read the book & try not to get bogged down in the scientific parts (I actually found them intensely interesting & very important to understanding the differences in people groups). Here’s a link where you can buy the book (or if you see me often you can borrow it!): http://www.amazon.com/One-Blood-Biblical-Answer-Racism/dp/0890512760?tag=dogpile-20


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  1. rileydad Says:

    or if you see me often you can borrow it!): Make sure all of us have read it before you lend it out, dear.

    Great posts !

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