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The Day after Thanksgiving… November 28, 2008

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Thanksgiving this year was good & a bit sad. We didn’t get many pictures but here are a few:

Josiah on Thanksgiving

Josiah on Thanksgiving

Macrae & Mr Ron on his birthday

Macrae’s (2nd) birthday was actually on Thanksgiving day this year- here are some pictures of him with mr. Ron blowing out the candles on the cake Mercy made for him


I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!!


Mercy & Annie

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Mercy & Annie

 DO YOU SEE THESE TWO GIRLS!?!?! They are usually very good friends… BUT… girl one is the wild, jump-off-the-sofa kind of girl & girl two is the lets-play-baby-dolls-no don’t-hold-her-like-that-she-still-has-a-soft-spot kind of girl. Girl 2 is somewhat literal & girl 1 has a active imagination. CAN YOU GUESS WHICH ONE IS WHICH???

Maybe this scenario will help you make an educated guess:

While Mercy doesn’t exactly have an imaginary friend, she has a few ‘friends’ who she didn’t come up with but likes to imagine she is playing with. One of them is Pig from her favourite book, If you Give A Pig A Pancake. The other one is Avely. Avely is a little girl at our church who Mercy is usually too shy to actually play with- I think Mercy wants to be friends with Avely because she knows she would be pretty fun, but she is shy when it comes right down to it. I also have a sneeking suspicion that Mercy likes her wardrobe– this comes from little things like Mercy dreamily saying: “Oh Ellen, did you see Avely’s crocs?” or “Oh, Avely’s coat is so cute.” Anyway, the other day Mercy was playing with “Avely”.

MERCY: Ellen, where’d Avely go?

ELLEN: She’s over there, playing with that ball

MERCY: Oh yeah [goes over & starts play with “Avely”]

ANNIE: Uh, Ellen… is Mercy really playing with Avely

ELLEN: Well, no, not really, but she imagines she is.

ANNIE: So… does she see Avely?

ELLEN: Not exactly, but she sees her with her imagination. Get it?

ANNIE: uh… not really. [sits there for a minute then looks at me sort of funny] Ellen… do YOU see Avely over there?

ELLEN: with my imagination I do.

ANNIE: [looks from me to Mercy. Realises that we’re insane.]

Well? Which one do you think is girl one???


November 27, 2008

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Here we are- the end of another great holiday. I had a long post planned out & DID not expect to post tonight. But here I am- I have TIME for the post, but as it turns out I just don’t have the energy to write it. As we all end a day spent with family & friends, we must remember those who are just a little bit alone this year. I am NOT a fan of Third Day: to me, it’s ‘Jacob’s music”- however, this song is the exception. It was written by one of the band members when Christmas rolled around again & they still didn’t have a travel date to pick up their child (in China). We need to remember the families who have children ‘somewhere else’ & were just not able to fly in time for the holidays- wether those families have a picture & a name of their child already, or maybe their child(ren) are just a dream in the hearts that they know will be coming (and maybe no one else knows yet). No matter where ‘they’ are in the process, it hurts when you have family-type gatherings & you know that there are child(ren) who are yours & they’re somewhere else, not with you, maybe crying, maybe laughing but you’re not there- you’re missing that. This time last year, Josiah was growing in his birthmom’s tummy and the dream of him was 5 days old (on the twenty-seventh) in our hearts. I know this has turned into a crazy rambling post which probably isn’t going anywhere, but I guess what I basically wanted to say is; everybody out there (you know who you are) who are wondering how long it will be until the child your heart has grown to love will be with you- one thing I learn through Josiah adoption is that it never goes fast enough. But I also learned that even if you don’t see it, God has a purpose in everything He does, and His will can never change. If God has a child for you, He will bring them to you in His perfect timing.
There is so much more I meant to post & I don’t think that turned out making much sense ^ I guess what I’m trying to say is, hold on to Him. ‘He knows the plans He has for you, plans of good & not of evil, to give you a future & a hope.’ He who promised is faithful to fulfill His promise.

It’s Christmas time again but you’re not home
Your family is here and yet you’re somewhere else alone
And so tonight I pray that God will come and hold you in his arms
And tell you from my heart I wish you Merry Christmas


The search for the missing holiday continues… November 22, 2008

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Mercy Riley, a local toddler, joins the fight for Thanksgiving to be restored in her family kitchen

ATTENTION RETAIL SHOPPERS: The search for Thanksgiving goes on, with mixed sucess. While we have found some clues- the turkeys displayed in the middle aisle of the meat section, the indian corn at the front of the store by the christmas tree-  our suspicions have been confirmed that the Thanksgiving holiday is, indeed, missing. As we drive through town, gazing out the window at all of the colourful lights & inflatable santas, my fellow reporters & I have a growing feeling that Christmas has something to do with the abduction. Don’t quote me on that, though- investigation is still underway.

 While the retail market seems to be ever striving to stifle this holiday, local families are still standing stong against the attacks. Miss Sarah Joy states that she would like to see Thanksgiving in the stores & decorating yards again. “Really, whatever DID happen to Thanksgiving?” she asked as she drove past ballard park. Later, my investigation took me to the home of a local toddler who says she loves the Thanksgiving holiday. “I tan’t wait til Thaksgivin’,” Miss Mercy Riley says “’cause Crae & aunt Mel’nie comin’.” Riley related how she would have fun with her Grandparents & mrs Teresa too. “Is Thaksgivin’ this Sadurday?” she asked.

mercy cookingRiley and Joy are just two of many people who say the Thanksgiving is alive and well. “It’s just not in the stores anymore.” They say sadly. 


mer cook

Riley is an advid cook and is looking forward to the upcoming holiday with delight

Join the fight!!! Thank God for all of His bountiful gifts. Don’t just eat lots of turkey- take some time to consider how much you have to be thankful for. What a great reminder that every good and perfect gift is from above.


-From Channel 16 News, I’m Ellen Riley




So. Here I am. November 17, 2008

*Sigh* So. Here I am. Right now there is a chair in the middle of the hallway leading to the back of the house- there is a piece of paper ripped from a notebook taped to it with the words ‘The babies are goning to sleep… “you shall not pass”‘… or something. Humm… that’s never happened before. So here I am, wishing for the convience of the laptop which I know is only a few steps away in my bedroom- but my bedroom is in the back of the house: off limits. So I am writing with someone else’s pen in a wide-ruled spiral bound notebook: only one of several which float around our home- sometimes downstairs, sometimes upstairs, sometimes in the van- full of old half finished grocery lists, “may I have a…” in Sarah or Ben’s hand (legible) and the reply in Momma’s handwriting (round), and other doodling from random people. Now a page with quotes from favuorite songs, movies or books (Emma’s), now a page full of hearts and the words ANNIE ANNA ANNE and the brand-new HALLEL over and over because they are the only words Annie can really spell yet, now a page where somebody took an order which only they can understand. I am sitting on the couch in the living room, which is the one I recovered but haven’t quite finished yet, a coordination sheet spread slopily over the seat to try fruitlessly to hide the fact that I haven’t recovered the cusions yet.

Welcome to my life, the life of a not quite 17-year old girl in a family of 13.

So many people wonder how I could possibly love my life. So many people just *know* that I go all my days secretly wishing I had been born to a different family, living with a hidden longing to be able to live my youth as wild and irresponsibly as “everyone else” my age gets to. But I don’t. With all my heart I can say that I do not. I can’t imagine how anyone on earth could be happier than I am right now.

So. Here I am. It’s the end of another day. The babies are are peacefully tucked in their beds- Josiah, I think, asleep, but Momma’s attempts to get Mercy setled down have so far been with very mixed sucess- she is lying in bed without getting up now I think, but she is not asleep. So probably the chair in the hall is still there & my room is still off limits. This is such a peaceful home. I look around. I am sitting in the upstairs living room. When I look from my wide-ruled spiral bound notebook the first thing I see is a vase of pink roses- the bushes in our front yard are so pretty this time of year. Beside the roses are Rutherfords Letters & Momma’s Bible- probably from when she siezed a quiet moment to sit & read earlier this afternoon. She really is a lovely lady.

So. Here I am. Unmeasurably blessed. I have been given the best family in the world, a happy home, and a Saviour who loves me.

Sometimes, I think it’s just awesome.


ok, when I write late at night I am so sentimental.


Hat fun

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wheres siah?

“Where’s Josiah???”



the hat boy




some random old pictures

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These are some pictures from the last several months, none of them are new:

momma & siah

Momma has Josiah in the ‘wearing thingy’ (that’s what Mercy calls the Urgo carrier)

at sea lions

Jake, Ben, Ellen, Annie, Mercy, Momma & Hannah watching the sea lions at the zoo. This is Mercy’s favourite exibit.

Trey & Jake making the chicken pen

Trey & Jake building the chicken pen. I know that if I was a ‘good’ blog ‘poster’ I would put after pictures of the finished product. But I’m not going to. Not today.