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Mercys imagination (isn’t she cute?) November 4, 2008

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First, this post it NOT as long as it looks.

 Ok, this post is supposed to be about Mercy BUT I can’t seem to get a pictures of her loaded. I guessing y’all already know what she looks like, anyway.

Mercy’s imagination is more vivid than any 2 year old (or any year old) I have ever known. It all started one night after family devotions, about 2 months ago.

Scene I

Mercy had her hand in a tight fist & would not be persuaded to open it.

ELLEN:(taking Mercys hand) What are you doing?

MERCY: [S]Top! Der’s Nim-Nim’s in der!

ELLEN: There’s M&M’s in there?

MERCY: Yeah.

Now what first gave her the idea I don’t know, because Annie is not very prone to that sort of play. BUT it sure is cute! And it has expanded.

Occasionally (about 2X a day) Mercy will come up to another person…


MERCY: (holds [empty] hand out toward other person) Here!

OTHER PERSON: What is it?

MERCY: $30.00


MERCY: Put it in your pocket.

PERSON:OK (does it)

MERCY: Now give me something.

PERSON: (holds hand out) Here: sucker.

MERCY: (looks at ‘it’, then hands ‘it’ back) Open it.



(Ellen & Mercy laying in Ellen’s bed. Mercy jabber 90-to-nothing and desperately avoiding sleep. Ellen ignoring her and determinedly presuing sleep)


ELLEN: (hears this and begins to half listen)

MERCY: Aw, you have a baby

ELLEN: (hears this & begins listening all the way. Gives up any notion of sleep)

 MERCY: It’s so cute!!!

ELLEN: Who are you talking to Mercy?

MERCY:(gestures at the white wall behind our bed) De penguins!


MERCY:Yeah. De Penguins.

ELLEN: (notices that the bar on the back of the bed do kinda resemble a cage at the zoo)

MERCY:(Begins to count) 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9… ders nine of they!

ELLEN:Mercy- there’s no penguins.

MERCY: (points at wall) Der they are!

ELLEN: go to sleep.

MERCY: I want to talk to they

ELLEN:the penguins are asleep, Mercy

MERCY:Oh. Wher are they’s beds?

ELLEN: Right there! Go to sleep

MERCY:(lays down & appears to begin pursuing sleep)

ELLEN:(begins congradulating herself on her sucess & again pursues sleep)

MERCY:(sits up) Oh look! They’s waking up!…


Sometimes, this is not such a good thing. Scene four also takes place while trying to go to sleep, but this time it is past Mercy’s bedtime & she is sleepy & unreasonable.


MERCY:(jumps up) AHHH! Ders a bug on my spot!

ELLEN: (seeing that there is no bug) There’s not a bug there, Mercy

MERCY: See? (points)

ELLEN: Right. Here- (squashes the ‘bug’) See, it’s dead

MERCY: did you squished it?


MERCY: (looks at ‘dead bug’) Throw it on the floor!

ELLEN: Mercy, go to sleep

MERCY:I need mook


Now, we would be really worried about Mercy by now if we didn’t know that she was aware it is only a game. Me, on the other hand, am about to go crazy. Over that past fews weeks, I have gone to bed in: a boat; a choo-choo; and a airplane. Living beside & in these pieces of strange sleeping equiptment are: worms; 9 penguins; a giraff; and a spider. Betweeen these sleeping conditions & reading “pig & pancake” (If You Give a Pig a Pancake) about 72 times a night, I’m not getting any sleep!  Ah, that reminds me- I need to tell the Pig & Pancake story. Look for it soon!


Happy Birthday Sarah Joy!!!!!

Riley Family 2008


5 Responses to “Mercys imagination (isn’t she cute?)”

  1. Emily Says:

    You didn’t tell about the night she decided she’s afraid of penguins!

  2. katie Says:

    Hilarious! Sounds about like I was when I was little. (So they tell me, and so I partially remember.) Interesting bed-fellows, Ellen. When do the three monkeys move in? I’m thinking you need some more creatures in there with you… maybe another giraff; you wouldn’t want the one to be lonely.

  3. Hannah Baggett Says:

    That’s CUTE and FUNNY!!
    Mercy is one of the cutest babies in the world!!


  4. ellie16 Says:

    Yeah… now ChuckE Cheese has moved in… my my my! How could she possibly have an imagination when she has never once in her life watched Dora? 😀

  5. Emily Says:

    And she baked bread and pies last night at 10:30 when she should have been asleep.

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