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When life throws you sweet potatoes…. November 11, 2008

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funny how sweet potato farmers leave so many wonderful potatoes in the field after harvesting… super cool how the nice ones let people come & pick them up. YUM!!! We went on Saturday to the field behind Mrs. Heathers moms house for 1 HOUR and got… I don’t know how many feed sacks full + a wheel barrow, enough to last both of our families until they rot. Thanks Mrs. Heather B for taking us!

us w/ potatoes

This is most of us who went picking up the taters


Ben & Neo


Trey, Sarah, Ruth, Hannah R & Ellen

the girls

Ruth, Hannah, and Sarah


2 Responses to “When life throws you sweet potatoes….”

  1. Looks like y’all had fun…


  2. amongchosenones Says:

    Well, they didn’t last til they rotted.. I need to go again. The turkeys finished my wheelbarrow & three bags off in a week! Everyone was raving about how great our turkey was around here, it was so moist & tender, it fell off the bone!

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