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The search for the missing holiday continues… November 22, 2008

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Mercy Riley, a local toddler, joins the fight for Thanksgiving to be restored in her family kitchen

ATTENTION RETAIL SHOPPERS: The search for Thanksgiving goes on, with mixed sucess. While we have found some clues- the turkeys displayed in the middle aisle of the meat section, the indian corn at the front of the store by the christmas tree-  our suspicions have been confirmed that the Thanksgiving holiday is, indeed, missing. As we drive through town, gazing out the window at all of the colourful lights & inflatable santas, my fellow reporters & I have a growing feeling that Christmas has something to do with the abduction. Don’t quote me on that, though- investigation is still underway.

 While the retail market seems to be ever striving to stifle this holiday, local families are still standing stong against the attacks. Miss Sarah Joy states that she would like to see Thanksgiving in the stores & decorating yards again. “Really, whatever DID happen to Thanksgiving?” she asked as she drove past ballard park. Later, my investigation took me to the home of a local toddler who says she loves the Thanksgiving holiday. “I tan’t wait til Thaksgivin’,” Miss Mercy Riley says “’cause Crae & aunt Mel’nie comin’.” Riley related how she would have fun with her Grandparents & mrs Teresa too. “Is Thaksgivin’ this Sadurday?” she asked.

mercy cookingRiley and Joy are just two of many people who say the Thanksgiving is alive and well. “It’s just not in the stores anymore.” They say sadly. 


mer cook

Riley is an advid cook and is looking forward to the upcoming holiday with delight

Join the fight!!! Thank God for all of His bountiful gifts. Don’t just eat lots of turkey- take some time to consider how much you have to be thankful for. What a great reminder that every good and perfect gift is from above.


-From Channel 16 News, I’m Ellen Riley




4 Responses to “The search for the missing holiday continues…”

  1. That’s cute Ellie!! I hope y’all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


  2. Ellie,
    I hope Annie, Mercy, and Josiah feel better soon!!


  3. ellie16 Says:

    So do I! Like, in time for Thanksgiving! Annie is feeling better but Mercy is not doing so swell 😦 Josiah isn’t really that sick, he just has a milder version or something.

  4. Morgan Price Says:

    Hi Ellen!
    I am sorry to hear that Josiah and Mercy are not fealing well. I hope they feal better in time for Thanksgiving!

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