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Mercy & Annie November 28, 2008

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Mercy & Annie

 DO YOU SEE THESE TWO GIRLS!?!?! They are usually very good friends… BUT… girl one is the wild, jump-off-the-sofa kind of girl & girl two is the lets-play-baby-dolls-no don’t-hold-her-like-that-she-still-has-a-soft-spot kind of girl. Girl 2 is somewhat literal & girl 1 has a active imagination. CAN YOU GUESS WHICH ONE IS WHICH???

Maybe this scenario will help you make an educated guess:

While Mercy doesn’t exactly have an imaginary friend, she has a few ‘friends’ who she didn’t come up with but likes to imagine she is playing with. One of them is Pig from her favourite book, If you Give A Pig A Pancake. The other one is Avely. Avely is a little girl at our church who Mercy is usually too shy to actually play with- I think Mercy wants to be friends with Avely because she knows she would be pretty fun, but she is shy when it comes right down to it. I also have a sneeking suspicion that Mercy likes her wardrobe– this comes from little things like Mercy dreamily saying: “Oh Ellen, did you see Avely’s crocs?” or “Oh, Avely’s coat is so cute.” Anyway, the other day Mercy was playing with “Avely”.

MERCY: Ellen, where’d Avely go?

ELLEN: She’s over there, playing with that ball

MERCY: Oh yeah [goes over & starts play with “Avely”]

ANNIE: Uh, Ellen… is Mercy really playing with Avely

ELLEN: Well, no, not really, but she imagines she is.

ANNIE: So… does she see Avely?

ELLEN: Not exactly, but she sees her with her imagination. Get it?

ANNIE: uh… not really. [sits there for a minute then looks at me sort of funny] Ellen… do YOU see Avely over there?

ELLEN: with my imagination I do.

ANNIE: [looks from me to Mercy. Realises that we’re insane.]

Well? Which one do you think is girl one???


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