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ADOPTION NEWS!!! December 29, 2008

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Yeah, I know. After the post on Momma’s blog, this joke is getting a little old. That’s what I’ve been feeling like lately too, it’s geting old. Somehow, it seems even MORE urgent this time around– maybe because I know that probably right now, my little siblings are born & growing older every day- alone. Sometimes we wish we could have everything our way, you know. But we can’t. Because of the curcumstances God has placed our family in, we cannot even begin to work toward having our little ones home. This is where we have to grow- grow to trust God better, trust that He will open those gates in His timing if it is His will for us to do this thing.

So here we are again, much like this time a year ago, and that is the theme of this post- the waiting part of adoption. It isn’t easy. It is so hard, so hard. Now, we’re just waiting to wait- which is extra trying. It will probably be a while before I’ll be posting any news here. I’m waiting for news too.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers.


About Josiah’s adoption– pray that we will be able to finalise in February as planned.



Mercy before the feast


What would have been on our cards if we had taken it on time

japen siah

Jake & Josiah having a brother moment


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(the pitures in earliers post were a few from our family christmas feast & one of Annie, Jake & Mercy)


It wont let me type anything but the title or upload the rest of my pictures. Weird.

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rah & annie



Okay, so I’m starting to get the hang of this present thing December 20, 2008

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Hi. Yesreday I got a present from someone in my fanclub at daddys work. At first, I didn’t know what they were trying to pull. I thought, what is this strange colourful bag? I was worried that it was some sort of trick to get me to take a nap. This is what I looked like:


I cautiously grabbed hold of the red paper. It made this cool crinkly sound. I wasn’t feeling sleepy yet, so I pulled on it a little more. Hmmm…. I was confused. This is what I looked like:


One of my fan club in my family showed me that there was something inside. It was TOYS. I thought, OK! This is cool! This is what I looked like:


I love this little rattle thingy. And the tissue paper, as I’m sure everyone knows, is the best. Someone tipped me off that there are more of these coming. All I can say is, bring ’em on!!!


P.S. Yes, you see right. I’m wearing shorts at christmastime. What can I say, I live in the south.


Cookies & Candies & Snacks, Oh My!

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here are some pictures of the Christmas cookie decorating which went on at our house this morning:

Annie cutting out cookies
Sarah cookie-cutting
Mercy taking a short break from her cookies in order to insure that she looked good in the picture
When the ‘kids’ are older, cookie decorating gets way more precise. Especially if one is an artist. This is Jake decorating a cookie using a toothpick.
Sarah re-filling the icing gun

Hannah with her precision cookie decorating tools


We have been in the kitchen for 2 days! We took the little green island table out of the kitchen & replaced it temporarily with a 8-foot folding table to better fit our needs.

So Far (for Memaw & Papaws) we have:

christmas frosted cookies; ‘reindeer’ cookies; peanut butter cookies; ‘haystacks’ candy; hershey’s chunk cookies; toffee; about 5 gallons of chex mix; ‘people chow’ (desert chex mix); peanut butter chunk cookies; turtle candies; loaded chocolate-chip cookies;  sausage balls; cheese straws; chocolate suprise cookies (caremel filled!); pecan shortbread cookies, and more!


PLEASE PRAY December 17, 2008

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Please pray for this family.

Pray that God’s peace will rest on them as His plan for baby Kayleigh unfolds.


So… what now???

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I walk the dirt roads of Uganda
I see the scars that war has left behind
Hope like the sun is fading
They’re waiting for a cure no one can find…


I saw the face of Jesus in a little orphan girl
She was standing in the corner on the other side of the world
And I heard the voice of Jesus gently whisper to my heart
Didn’t you say you wanted to find me?
Well here I am, here you are

So, What now?
What will you do now that you found Me?
What now?
What will you do with this treasure you’ve found?
I know I may not look like what you expected
But if you remember this is right where I said I would be
You’ve found me
What now?…..

(Steven Curtis Chapman Yours & What Now?)




A Picture-Post December 13, 2008

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daddy & joe

Dad with Josiah

joe today

Josiah this moring



my shelf

can you GUESS who build my new bookshelf? TREY!!!! It is even more beautiful than you can tell from this picture.

joe & me

Josiah w/ me