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John Deere, anybody??? December 1, 2008

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Some of you might be wondering why there really haven’t been any pictures besides of Josiah show up on this blog lately. One answer is, we have not really been taking a ton of pictures at all lately, and the ones we do take tend to be focused on the younger portion of the family. And the other ansewer is, Mercy is not being very photogenic lately. And the last answer is, Mercy & Annie have had a cold in their eyes (espeicially Mercy) for about 2 weeks & are not looking their best. But hopefully some other pictures & some writing of mine will appear soon.

But for now, enjoy these pictures of o so cute Josiah & a few with Mercy too.




mo and jo


triumphant john deere boy


3 Responses to “John Deere, anybody???”

  1. These are some cute pictures!! That’s the
    Blanket I made Josiah…


  2. flinding Says:

    Picture no. 3 &6 rock!

  3. morgan Says:

    Hi Ellen!
    Me, Andrew, Mary, and William say,”awwwwww!! he is sooooo cute!!!!!”
    it’s hard to type with one hand and hold a baby with the other.
    : )

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