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The Impossible In Adoption December 2, 2008

Filed under: adoption,faith,life — Ellie @ 5:10 pm

What are the chances?: While I was writing this- at the very same time- Momma was on the desktop writing a post on HER blog. What do you know- it’s called “The Glory Of The Impossible”. It’s really good, so I’m going to give her a link- http://blessedchaos.wordpress.com/2008/12/02/the-glory-of-the-impossible/. And now-

It tends to happen this way, doesn’t it? Life, I mean- not just in adoption, though that is the subject I am thinking of today. We wonder how it can ever happen, and then we feel a breeze, our hearts beat faster & we turn around to look- that’s when we see that it just DID happen, and we didn’t notice. We only keep our eyes half-open, and so when miracles occur, we don’t see them- then we pretend to be philisophical, and say to people in essence “sure God can do miracles. He’s just not so inclined to do them as He used to be.” Everywhere around us the impossible is done- but we just say “oh that. Think nothing of it, anyone could have pulled it off.” We chuckle inwardly, knowing that just anyone really couldn’t, it was only because we were strong enough to manage such a crazy-impossible task.

Things tend to get confused in our minds after they happen, our memories dullen and we remember them differently than they really were. Before Josiah came home, we shook our heads. “Not us,” we said “We couldn’t adopt.” We probably would have left it at that, if it were not for some friends who didn’t take that for an answer. As it turned out, though, we couldn’t adopt. We just were not the right kind of family; didn’t have the right kind of income; didn’t have the right kind of lifestyle. We couldn’t do it. But we serve a God who can, and did. We serve a God who took us to the right people at the right times, who gave us just what we needed it, exactly when we needed it- regardless of what we thought could happen, or what our timing was. Time & time again He took of out of the realm of possiblity into a places which are unreachable by human efforts. We didn’t always notice it, because those places didn’t seem quite so out of reach when we were there- but they were, they had been out of our reach until God put us there. Looking back, too, we tend to forget anything really miraclous about Josiah’s story. Just another out of a thousand like it- but it is not. Right now is one of those rare moments when I can look back & see that we are no more in a position to take the credit for how he came to us than we are to blush when someone speaks of the beauty of creation. It is as absurd to think that we made it happen as it would be to pretend we make the sun rise & set.

Even now as the early thoughts of another adoption come to our minds, doubts creep into our hearts. We try not to think about it too hard, because you know, we probably won’t be able to pull off another adoption. Now I’m not being naive, and I am well aware that it is not likely to happen just the same this time. I know that God’s plans might well be diffent than the ones we’re thinking of right now- but right now, a peace is on me that no matter what He has in store for our family, He always seems to have planned it better than we did. It’s good to know. We think that this time around, it will be impossibler. Too impossible for God. But it won’t be. It don’t want to give the impression that I believe if is doesn’t happen the way we are tending to think that it will mean it was somehow too much for Him- what I’m trying to say is, we thought the same thing about Josiah- and look! Impossible isn’t as impossible as it once seemed. It’s happening everywhere.

P.S.- Keep your eyes open- you may be about to see the impossible happen here… you never know.


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