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adoption, adoption, adoption… December 4, 2008

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Don’t you ever think about anything else, Ellen???

The answer is; right about now, no. Not really. There was a small lapse of time, a few months after Josiah came home when there was room for other things up there, but it has come back with reinforcements this time. So don’t expect much more on here anytime soon 🙂 . I was even toying with the idea of changing my tagline (“Ellens blog” is so unoriginal) into something to do with the subject, what do you think? However, I DONT have a post written for today, so just enjoy this picture & hopefully I’ll be back soon!

Reading together

This picture is old, as a quick glance at the book being read tells me. Pig & Pancake has suffered much love since this time (about 3 or 4 months ago), and is not so nice looking now. BUT prepare to be impressed: Mercy & I can repeat that book backward from memory. Yeah. She likes it.

Well, G’night!


4 Responses to “adoption, adoption, adoption…”

  1. awww.. . what a totally sweet picture. 🙂



  3. morgan Says:

    Hope you had a wonderfull birthday!!!!!!!!

  4. Katie Says:

    It’s ok to think about pretty much nothing but adoption right now… other stuff will make room for itself as much as is needed later. Oh, and happy birthday from the person who was a failure and didn’t know it was your birthday yesterday! Yep, that’s me.

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