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Cookies & Candies & Snacks, Oh My! December 20, 2008

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here are some pictures of the Christmas cookie decorating which went on at our house this morning:

Annie cutting out cookies
Sarah cookie-cutting
Mercy taking a short break from her cookies in order to insure that she looked good in the picture
When the ‘kids’ are older, cookie decorating gets way more precise. Especially if one is an artist. This is Jake decorating a cookie using a toothpick.
Sarah re-filling the icing gun

Hannah with her precision cookie decorating tools


We have been in the kitchen for 2 days! We took the little green island table out of the kitchen & replaced it temporarily with a 8-foot folding table to better fit our needs.

So Far (for Memaw & Papaws) we have:

christmas frosted cookies; ‘reindeer’ cookies; peanut butter cookies; ‘haystacks’ candy; hershey’s chunk cookies; toffee; about 5 gallons of chex mix; ‘people chow’ (desert chex mix); peanut butter chunk cookies; turtle candies; loaded chocolate-chip cookies;  sausage balls; cheese straws; chocolate suprise cookies (caremel filled!); pecan shortbread cookies, and more!


2 Responses to “Cookies & Candies & Snacks, Oh My!”

  1. Looks likes fun!! I had Brooklyn over Friday
    and Saturday and spent all day in the kitchen.
    It was SOOOOO much fun!!!!

    I love holiday cooking!!


  2. Sounds incredibly delicious….. and fattening! What great memories you all are making!!

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