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Okay, so I’m starting to get the hang of this present thing December 20, 2008

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Hi. Yesreday I got a present from someone in my fanclub at daddys work. At first, I didn’t know what they were trying to pull. I thought, what is this strange colourful bag? I was worried that it was some sort of trick to get me to take a nap. This is what I looked like:


I cautiously grabbed hold of the red paper. It made this cool crinkly sound. I wasn’t feeling sleepy yet, so I pulled on it a little more. Hmmm…. I was confused. This is what I looked like:


One of my fan club in my family showed me that there was something inside. It was TOYS. I thought, OK! This is cool! This is what I looked like:


I love this little rattle thingy. And the tissue paper, as I’m sure everyone knows, is the best. Someone tipped me off that there are more of these coming. All I can say is, bring ’em on!!!


P.S. Yes, you see right. I’m wearing shorts at christmastime. What can I say, I live in the south.


5 Responses to “Okay, so I’m starting to get the hang of this present thing”

  1. Papaw Says:

    Remainever vigilant, Josiah. I turned out alright this time, but that nap thing is an ever present danger.


  2. morgan Says:

    He is SOOOO cute!!! I love that first picture, he looks realy worried. : )

  3. Flinding Says:

    I would like to get the “hang” a little more, if you know what I mean 🙂
    Merry Christmas!

  4. Well, He’ll be getting really used to it in a
    few days…

    Merry Christmas!!


  5. amongchosenones Says:

    Too FUNNY!!!
    Sign me up for the fan club as well.
    Heather B

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