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Not Impressed January 5, 2009

Filed under: life,Mercy,pictures,Sarah — Ellie @ 2:01 pm
Sarah, Sarah & Hannah

Maybe they were posing for the cover of their new album (on which they sing “Something Crazy” off key and very loudly while listening to the iPod).

Sarah & Mercy

Saturday, Momma & the three ‘middle’ kids (Hannah, Ben & Sarah) were gone to the movies & I was getting Mercy down for her nap. She kept getting up & I had to make her get back in bed. When she had finally settled down I thought, I went downstairs or something– and came back to hear wails and cries coming from her bed. I tried to ignore it for a while since it’s not that unusual for her to fuss a while before going to sleep, but finally (I know, bad child training) I went in there & sat on the bed beside her. It didn’t take any urging to get her to say what was wrong. Between gasps of sorrow, she confessed: “I-(pitiful whine)-got up-(sucking in of breath)-and- the guys- Trey and Emma-(whine)- told me to go lay down-(sucking in of breath)- and I- (sad whine sucking in of breath gasp noise)- was not not very impressed!!!” This was followed by a fresh round of wailing & something that sounded like a big sister trying to hide a laugh & sound sympathetic.



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  1. Awww…That’s (in a way) cute, but also


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