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If this should be my last day January 10, 2009

Filed under: Christian living — Ellie @ 10:47 am

I had almost forgotten… but life reminded me again. I had thought for a moment, ‘I still young- I am secure’… but it is not so. No matter what magic diet we use, no matter how healthy or ill, young or old we are, none of us know the number of our days on earth. None of us know if we will be here tomorrow. I know that today I am a closer to my Home than I was yesterday… yet I do not know how close or far I really am.

I don’ think anyone should wantto die before their time. I do not feel a longing for death- I want to live to meet my ***someday*** Ethiopian siblings, I want to watch my brothers & sisters grow both physically & spiritually. And yet- we are not to long for death but we are to press on toward heaven. Because of our loving Saviour, death is no longer something we must run afraid from, but something to look forward to as the doorway to our completion in Christ- the doorway to life. Because He told us the He went to prepare a place for us, we know that we have a home & a rest awaiting us- and we know that He will be there, the ‘flower of flowers’ to meet us on the shore. Because He promised in His word that though here our sweetest communion with Him is but as through a glass, darkly, then we shall see Him face to face- we know that the level of pure joy awaiting us cannot begin to be imagined my our little minds.

It would be easy to get caught up in all this, but really, it’s a tricky business. While we are to look forward to and long for heaven/our completion, we must also remember that we are here for a purpose- to spread His kingdom where ever we go, to go into all the world & preach the gospel. We are not called to just sit at home and say ‘I’m so heavenly minded, I’m just going to sit here & look forward to my completion- we none of us know how much longer we have anyway.’- no! We must consider, today may well be my very last day- what does that mean? How should I live? Well, I have found that we must live today as if it is the very last day of our story on earth. If this might well be the last bit of the little part of my story those I leave behind will know, how do I want my story to end? Well, I want those who remember me to say; “And she lived her last day in the grip of the reality of Christ in all His glory, and she stepped through the doorway of earthly death and into eternal life, and she looked upon her maker, and He said, ‘well done.’ The Beginning.” How will the people I know remember me? Will they remember a once wretched sinner saved by the grace of God & through His kindness following in His steps all the way? Or will they say; ‘she said all the right words, but her life testified that she did not believe them’, ‘She honoured Him with her mouth but her heart was far from Him’?

I pray that by His grace & through Him alone, I may live every day on His reality, clinging to Him as I press on in His name until I am released to worship Him fully.


3 Responses to “If this should be my last day”

  1. Ellen,
    I’m glad you posted this post.
    Death has been on my mind for a long while
    What a scary thing death is!!!


  2. RileyDad Says:

    What a scary thing death is!!!


    Death is scary apart from Christ. But in Christ, we can say with Paul — “death, where is thy sting ?”.

    Pursue Christ with all your being, and have no fear of death

  3. Thanks for telling me that Mr. Les!


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