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The Incredible Josiah January 15, 2009

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Josiha with his ship


This boy is entirely amazing. We have been discovering lately that though all people think their baby is smart, this boy really is exceptional. Really. He has incredible powers of observation. He is developmentally way beyond expectations for his age (eight months). This morning Momma was changing him after he got up and he was actually playing peek-a-boo with his blanket: he’d grab it with his two chubby fists and pull it over his head. Momma would say “Where’s Josiah?” and little giggles would be heard from under the blanket until finally he pulled it off and revealed the grinning face of a boy who perfectly understands the concept of the game. He’s also starting shaking his head no when he actually means it. He does it if you’re feeding him and he doesn’t want anymore, he does it if someone he doesn’t want reaches for him, and today, he did it when Mercy asked Momma for some of his gerber cereal snacks. As Momma said those big boy’s had beter look out, because this boy is so quick, he’ll soon have them all licked with his lego creations :-).  I think the main reason for him being so smart is, he is firmly persuaded that if he thinks of something, he can do it. His thoughts are quickly translated into action. For instance, at least once each day he will see Mercy or Annie run by and think he can just go right after them. So he’ll let go of whatever furniture he’s been ‘cruising’ around and try it, but he CAN’T STAND INDEPENDENT YET- and he falls down. Maybe he knows that eventually he’ll let go of the couch and run and every day he has to try it, he thinks “maybe today is the day.”


But I think it just hasn’t occured to him yet that there is anything in the world that he can’t do. 


2 Responses to “The Incredible Josiah”

  1. Oh, the sweetness of that much loved baby! Babies are such a blessing & this post adds more proof to it.He is such a CHARACTER!

  2. The BBB has stolen my heart! I can’t wait to get my fix Sunday!

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