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Don’t Go Away! February 16, 2009

Filed under: JOSIAH!,pictures,random — Ellie @ 12:29 pm

Don't Go Away!

We’re still here!


11 Responses to “Don’t Go Away!”

  1. RileyDad Says:

    Adorable kid . . . But how ’bout some more writing from Ellie Bellie ?


  2. Katie Says:

    oh, good, because I was wondering.

  3. flinding Says:

    Umm, I’ma kinda doubting that last part at this point.

  4. morgan Says:

    Hey Ellen! I can’t wait to see you all again, and to see Josiah for the first time!!!!!

  5. rileydad Says:


    Are you trying to beat your sister’s record for longest time not posting ?


  6. flinding Says:

    Hi. This is Flinding. I am posting (via comment, since I’m not much of a hacker on my good days) on Ellen’s behalf. She had a tragic internet accident, that erased that fraction of her memory which told her that she had her own site. Either that or she really likes that picture. In any case, she is gone, and she may never be heard from again, unless some momentary lasp of reason causes her to falter from her purpose of staying away.
    There is of course the possiblity that she is staying away simply to cultivate responses, but that seems a little childish, or at the very least devious and crafty. But we are not, I hope, all prone to suspicion.
    So, let me remind you, “Don’t go away! We’re still here.” Or rather we are still in the same general area, which to us is here and to you is there, or whatever, depending on where you’re readign from. Actually, to you you is me and me is you, and you is I and eye is him, so I may as well not write in the first person.
    My mind is going. I can feel it. I can feel it…..

  7. Emily Says:

    Whaddya mean you’re not much of a hacker?! My blog says otherwise, buddy.

  8. Jake,
    Ohhh, sounds like somebody’s in trouble with their big
    sister! 😛

    Please stop trying to beat Emma’s record for not posting!!!
    Everybody loves reading your new post!!


  9. Katie Says:

    Okay, so I thought I could ignore it and maybe you’d just start posting, but no. No, you have to let the cobwebs gather and the dust stack up on your blog. Shame, shame. Post, post. Please?


  10. Flinding Says:

    Have fun in life,
    Make it all worth while;
    Have fun in life,
    Maybe crack a smile.
    Stop and smell the roses,
    whiel the roses are in bloom,
    But promise me, you’ll honestly,
    Have fun in what you do.

    So what have the rest of y’all been doing?

  11. Emily Says:

    Are you counting the ten comments on the last ‘post’ (using the term very loosely)?

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