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FINALLY a post April 1, 2009

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*******((((happy april fools day))))*******


32 Responses to “FINALLY a post”

  1. Ha ha ha, very funny! Now how about a real post, huh?

    Hannah Baggett

  2. Papaw Says:

    That’s an awful way to treat your poor old Papaw

  3. Jake Says:

    Nice. I like that. I would have done something for April fools, but I liked the idea of hackign someone else better.

  4. Katie Says:

    Hardly counts, I’m afraid. Get to work, woman.
    And this is admitting to my stupidity, but I sat here for a minute staring at the blank space, thinking a picture would show up and that my computer was just slow. Oh. Right. April Fool’s. No picture. I’m so brilliant.

  5. Katie Says:

    Good grief. Would you post something? Just to let us know you’re still out there? I mean, yeah, I saw you on Sunday, but still…

  6. I agree with Katie! You make the best photos of the babies & have funny stories. Get to work!!

  7. Jake Says:

    I am deeply proud of you, Ellen. It takes a brave girl to do what your doing.

  8. Katie Says:

    A brave girl to what? Ignore the inquiries of her anxious friends? Cast aside the gratification of her faithful readers?

  9. ellie16 Says:

    I think your geuss would probably be as good as mine, Katie.

  10. Jake Says:

    No. I mean refraining from posting.

  11. Jake Says:

    (finally, a comment)

  12. Katie Says:

    Sorry, Jacob, but i am just not feeling it. Not posting makes a person brave? Because if that’s true, I must be a lion… because logically, if not posting is brave, not having a blog is even braver.
    Actually, I have the answer. Jacob hasn’t posted recently, and he wanted to throw a positive light on that fact, so he came up with “not posting is brave” and got his positive fix for the day. Am I right? Not that you would admit it, but…

  13. Jake Says:

    Awake the nieghbours!
    Get the word out (get teh word out!)
    Come on, crank up the music,
    Climb a mountain and shout
    This is life we’ve been living,
    Made to be lived out
    So la la la la Live out loud.

  14. ellie Says:

    Yeah, Jake- I think it may have entered my head that was what you were saying. Therefore, my comment was not true- my guess was better than Katie’s 🙂
    So- where’s my purple heart?

  15. Yo Pappa Says:


    This is getting a bit ridiculous. . . . Perhaps if I come up with some combination of bribery & threats you will post something new. (?)


  16. Jacebook Says:

    Before the internet came,
    friendship was so tough;
    You actually had to be in people’s presence in stuff


  17. flinding Says:

    So, how do the rest of you feel about generic peanut butter? Can you truly be silent?

  18. Katie Says:

    You could write about having the sniffles if you like… we won’t critisize your topic choice. I hope your siblings are putting the pressure on you at home – or do they merely confine that to the blogging world?
    This is the 18th comment, does that make you assured of our love and anxiety?

    yours questioningly,

  19. Jake Says:

    You vile vermin. How do you sleep at night? This [not literally] is the most wonderful site in the world, and people love it, and its awesome, and you’re a monster. How dare you disrupt our internet time with your evil?

    (for those of you who don’t understand, inside joke)

  20. RileyDad Says:

    If you were waiting on 20 comments before you post again, here it is

  21. Emily Says:

    Are y’all counting the ten comments on the previous ‘post’?

  22. Katie Says:

    You know what I’ve decided? I’ve decided not to comment any more. Because obviously it does absolutely no good, and so as of right now, when you and Emma don’t post semi-regularly, I shan’t mention it at all. I shall refrain my comments to the weather and the roads.

    P.S. It’s raining here today. Quite pleasant, actually. I haven’t checked on the roads yet, but I’ll get right to it.

  23. Here’s an idea for a post, A birthday post for Josiah.

  24. Jake! Says:

    Good idea, Katie. Having twenty-five comments, and counting, on a post without even any text in it, is quite a feat. I’m beginning to believe she needs to explain the joke.
    ~Jake (you know this guy? Yes, and he is Fully Awesome!

  25. Morgan Says:

    Is Josiah walking yet?

  26. Katie Says:

    It’s raining outside today. The roads are wet. I’ll bet gravel roads are muddy. And that’s you daily weather/roads report. Now you can know exactly what’s going on outside without using your eyes, ears, or siblings.

  27. Is 28 comments not enough for you??


  28. Jake Says:

    So much for your resolutions about not commenting, Katie.
    We ought to establish some topic lines for this discussion forum. Weather is, of course, a good one.
    Having not taken deep courses in literature, y’all may not remember the Dilbert comic where Dogbert and the garbageman started the internet as a practical joke to see how long people would wait for something to happen. Of course, since high-speed came along, that’s totally unrealistic. NOW, Ellen has decided to see how long a bunch of blog buffs will waste their valuable time looking at her ghost-site. Her findings will be of great value to the scientific community.

  29. Katie Says:

    Jake, I did not say I would not comment. Well, okay, going back and reading it, I kind of did. but what I meant was that I wouldn’t comment any more of her lack of posting. (and that didn’t just count.)

  30. ellie16 Says:

    Morgan— as of recently, he’s probably walking more than crawling.

  31. T-rey Says:

    you’ve done it now. despite my resolution to never get drawn in to the commentsphere, I must speak. I echo Frank in comment eight; ‘it takes a brave girl to do what your doing’. i’m inpressed. i’m deeply proud of you. I encourage you to stand fast, let nothing sway you. When life ( or your friends) throws his storms (or, their comments) at you, yell into the storm ‘do your worst, for I shall do mine’. Sarah says you should rename your blog ‘comment central’.

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