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2 boys & a chicken May 25, 2009

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Come, Make a Home in My Heart

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I – and, I trust, some of my readers – know to some degree what to some degree what it means to have Christ come and make a home in our hearts. Sometimes, even now, we still try to treat Him (as Pastor John might be heard to say) as a house guest- a vsitor. We say “make Yourself at home”, but we would think t terribly presumptuous if He came into “that one closet” – the closet in which we try to hide our sin, not rememberng that it was in front of His face, and He saw it, when that sin was first committed. Do we really want to wait for Him to go into the closet “uninvited” to remember that He already knows about those things, to remember that He already carried them to the cross on His own spotless shoulders anddied to wash them away? How long until the freedom freely offered will be freely received? Blessed are we when we do not tarry to open the closet door and give Him our whole hearts! Blessed are we when we do not tarry to accept the gift of freedom from all those things, all the things in the closet. Blessed are we when we do not tarry to beg and plead for Him to come and do away with all of the sins creeping about His home- do we think that the Sinless One desires to share a home with out pet sins? I am not talking about the unconverted, but of the believer who who goes through seasons of striving with his Beloved for another last drink of sin; and foolishly tries to hide it away for a time when He Who sees all is not looking- and in our great foolishness we think to hid it in His very home. We must learn to give it all to Him, for He requires a whole heart.

Now, just a few words of comfort before I go: He knows our frame; He remembers that we are dust – We have not a High Priest Who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses – “My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in weakness.”

Open wide your heart and know the Joy which He alone gives.



because… May 22, 2009

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he’s so cute.


(and I have an apparent fasination with taking pictures of him from various angles)


Josiah May 19, 2009

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since, of courrse, your just dying to see pictures of my adorable siblings (& friends adorable kids!)…

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or even if you’re not, you might look anyway…

sweet josie
Sweet Josiah
beloved mercy
Mercy Kate
isaac and mercy
Isaac & Mercy

 (((Isaac & Ellie are friends Anthony & Hannah’s children: *http://matheniafamily.blogspot.com/*))


Q: Where on Earth have I been??? May 12, 2009

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look there's a...

A: Um…Hey! Look! It’s an airplane!!!

(Just kiddibg. Actually, I’ve been several places.)

It is possible that you will hear from me soon!