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Q: Where on Earth have I been??? May 12, 2009

Filed under: JOSIAH!,pictures — Ellie @ 3:54 pm

look there's a...

A: Um…Hey! Look! It’s an airplane!!!

(Just kiddibg. Actually, I’ve been several places.)

It is possible that you will hear from me soon!


3 Responses to “Q: Where on Earth have I been???”

  1. Jake-a-mom Says:

    With such a cute babe as that how could you not post on his very first birthday anniversary ever?
    Emma wants to know why you only request prayer for Josiah & none of your other siblings? Did you know you had other siblings?

    Jake-or-mom (you decide)

  2. Jake Says:

    “Jake-or-mom (you decide)”
    Interesting, though elementary.To any one who studies diverse writing styles, the origen of this comment would be self-evident.

  3. Jake Says:

    Oh, and as to where you’ve been, CASL, I really can’t answer for that. I visit this site regularly, though, and I’ve been to:
    Ethiopia, College, Sudan, Wales, Ireland, India, and quite a few senior citizen’s banquets by now. Thanks for posting.

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