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What does that Song mean, anyway? September 21, 2009

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Some books in the Bible seem very ‘perplexing’ to understand, don’t you agree? Song of Solomon is one of these, I believe, and I expect that there are very differing opinions on the interpretation- so what do you say?
Now it’s pretty likely that at least the older portion of my family know what my interpretation is, but what about the rest of y’all??? Whatcha’ think?


Have you ever thought September 13, 2009

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this ones betterThat these really must be the best years of your life?????100_6863josiah When you find that God has actually been very good to you- maybe you wonder why- but we don’t have to wonder why, because we know- we know He loves us. We find out that He is with us, and that He fills our lives with Joy  

daddyin ways we wouldn’t have thought- or ways we’ve never noticed. His love is so amazing and indescribable. Have you ever thought they were the best years, and realised that they would only get better as you pressed on to a deeper knowledge of your Beloved? Have you ever wondered why He says “my beloved” because you know that it isn’t you- then realised it was all Him? Have you ever thought that these we’re such lovely times, but didn’t want to grasp & hold on to them because you are excited about what comes next too?

josieBecause every moment was a gift from Him? More than all these gifts you see pictured, though, is this one pevailing thing that makes even the hard things not so hard: Christ is mine, and I am His.rah

And you find out that He is beautiful & the one who not only gives us all the beautiful things, but the very one Who makes them seem beautiful- you realise He’s everything, and for some reason He loves even you.

And He is enough.

And He is beautiful.

And somehow its not words anymore- its true.

And He delights in giving his children abundantly more than they ever imagined.

Like eyes.

To see that every good and perfect gift is from Him. 

love 'im


Where the fire has already been

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What an amazing thought! For those of you who have not listened to Mr. Davies’ sermon series at Christ Church New Albany this past week+, you are encouraged to do so (click here).

One illustration he used (which I am thankful to Jennifer for reminding me of) was that of a family in Australia who lit a fire behind their house in order to be saved from the fire which was rushing toward them. By standing where it had already been burned, they escaped from the fire that was coming- and that’s where we are in Christ.


What a Saviour.