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What does that Song mean, anyway? September 21, 2009

Filed under: reading — Ellie @ 7:20 pm

Some books in the Bible seem very ‘perplexing’ to understand, don’t you agree? Song of Solomon is one of these, I believe, and I expect that there are very differing opinions on the interpretation- so what do you say?
Now it’s pretty likely that at least the older portion of my family know what my interpretation is, but what about the rest of y’all??? Whatcha’ think?


5 Responses to “What does that Song mean, anyway?”

  1. Ellie Says:

    hmmm, should have put an option for “some of both with more allegorical leanings” or something…

  2. T. Upchurch Says:

    I think it’s about marriage which is about Christ and the church. Both and. I can’t imagine taking a purely allegorical view, as if such passion were embarassing. I think that’s been the hangup for some: they believe in singleness as not just the final eschatalogical state for believers (to which some are specially called to in this age), but as a path along which to flee humanity in favor of being “spiritual” as opposed to embodied.

  3. abbygrace42801 Says:

    Do other families spend as much thought/time/wipe erase board space on Song of Solomon as the Riley’s do? There’s a poll question for you.
    I agree with Tyler- both/and with a slight leaning to the literal. I do know that I have read some things recently about Song of Solomon that have completely -er- changed the way I look at some of the verses found there.
    Soooo… Check with Mom before you do any reading about Song of Solomon from -er- unknown sources before you are married. *cough, cough* Ahem.

  4. Ellie Says:

    Hmm… If Tyler is saying “Song of Solomon is about marriage, marriage is used as an allegory (Christ as groom and His Church being His bride), therefore, Song of Solomon, being about marriage, is an allegory.” Then I would agree. Song of Solomon: 100% literal, 100% allegorical… please understand me. I don’t know (as Emily & I were talking of) that the authour thought to make some great allegory when the Song was written- neither, I believe Emily mentioned, was Noah likely to have thought of the ark he was building as a picture. Just as the ark was a real ark floating in a real flood but is now see also as a picture of Christ Who would come to make a way of escape for us, so also, I believe, we can see the Song of Solomon which is about marriage as a clear picture of our Beloved’s great love for His bride, and the love we ought to have toward Him, as well as the great delight we can enjoy being one with Him. Like Tyler said- “both and”.

  5. rileydad Says:

    Amen, Ellen.

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