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WHAT? You’re a PERSON??? November 3, 2009

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For serious?

degv 003

LEFT TO RIGHT: Tyler (20), Sarah (11), Emily (21), Josiah (1), Ellen (17), Momma (Christy), Trey (19), Mercy (3), Daddy (Les), Annie (7), Jacob (16), Hannah (14), & Ben (12).


It wont let me type anything but the title or upload the rest of my pictures. Weird. December 29, 2008

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rah & annie



Mercy & Annie November 28, 2008

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Mercy & Annie

 DO YOU SEE THESE TWO GIRLS!?!?! They are usually very good friends… BUT… girl one is the wild, jump-off-the-sofa kind of girl & girl two is the lets-play-baby-dolls-no don’t-hold-her-like-that-she-still-has-a-soft-spot kind of girl. Girl 2 is somewhat literal & girl 1 has a active imagination. CAN YOU GUESS WHICH ONE IS WHICH???

Maybe this scenario will help you make an educated guess:

While Mercy doesn’t exactly have an imaginary friend, she has a few ‘friends’ who she didn’t come up with but likes to imagine she is playing with. One of them is Pig from her favourite book, If you Give A Pig A Pancake. The other one is Avely. Avely is a little girl at our church who Mercy is usually too shy to actually play with- I think Mercy wants to be friends with Avely because she knows she would be pretty fun, but she is shy when it comes right down to it. I also have a sneeking suspicion that Mercy likes her wardrobe– this comes from little things like Mercy dreamily saying: “Oh Ellen, did you see Avely’s crocs?” or “Oh, Avely’s coat is so cute.” Anyway, the other day Mercy was playing with “Avely”.

MERCY: Ellen, where’d Avely go?

ELLEN: She’s over there, playing with that ball

MERCY: Oh yeah [goes over & starts play with “Avely”]

ANNIE: Uh, Ellen… is Mercy really playing with Avely

ELLEN: Well, no, not really, but she imagines she is.

ANNIE: So… does she see Avely?

ELLEN: Not exactly, but she sees her with her imagination. Get it?

ANNIE: uh… not really. [sits there for a minute then looks at me sort of funny] Ellen… do YOU see Avely over there?

ELLEN: with my imagination I do.

ANNIE: [looks from me to Mercy. Realises that we’re insane.]

Well? Which one do you think is girl one???


A day in Memphis July 16, 2008

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Yestreday Josiah had a dr. appointment in Memphis. Momma, Annie, Mercy & I went with him.

Annie and Mercy had a WONDERFUL FUN time. We went to the Zoo after the doctor and they got to ride the train, stand in the sprinlkler and play in the water at the front (we don’t usually do those things when we visit the zoo). Annie saw a trolley and was EXTREMELY impressed. She asked “Do they have trolleys in Mississippi?” I said that I didn’t know of any, and she had a great idea: “Let’s buy one & bring it to Mississippi!” They ate lots of french-fries, ice-cream and other junk food… Anyway, here are some pictures. 

Mercy and Annie loved the train at the zoo…

but Josiah just thought it was a good place for sleeping!

Hannah and Josiah this morning


Camera April 27, 2008

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YEAH! We got a new camera the other day. So here’s some pictures.

This is the wonderful and beautifullest Mercy Kate *

This is her again *

This is the sweet and wonderful blue eyed Annie


* yeah, o.k., so she still carries that ba-ba around.


Annie April 17, 2008

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Most of my readers have met this amazing little girl so I won’t say much about her except that she is an AWESOME little sister!!!



O.K. so I know it’s been awhile… March 22, 2008

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We have been sick (stomach virus) off and on for most of the time since my last post- I think we are FINALLY over it, though.

Last week Momma and I went to Memphis to get her fingerprints run for the FBI (for the adoption) {read about that here} and then Wednesday the whole family loaded up & we went and had Dad’s done. I think we have a few odds & end things to get together but we are basically almost there- now Momma & Dad are working on filling out some grant applications.


Annie has been very cute today- using words she just found out about (-: We were boating in the pond earlier & Mercy was waiting for her turn. “Hurry up!” Annie hollered from the deck “MO-Mo is DESPERATE to get in that boat!” We had grandparents down today & ate a big lunch, then grazed all afternoon- so tonight Momma said that we would not really have a supper. When Dad and the big boys go home, Annie saw Dad warming up a leftover  hamburger.  “Momma said we couldn’t eat supper”she informed him matter-of-factually “We have been eating all day.” “O.K, but the boys & I haven’t been eating all day.” Dad protested. “Oh, not y’all.” Annie told him “Y’all can just knock yourselves out.”

Well Ben just came in here with some ice-cream and I think I’ll go get some for myself.

Some of y’all might enjoy this post (The Rest Stop)  & this post (Jake) tomorrow.