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The Big + pt. 2 (links) October 29, 2009

O.K, so I’m FINALLY posting the second part on this subject… although those who didn’t know I even had a second part probably didn’t notice… hmm…

First, visit the websites of Project Hopeful, Ahope, and the some of the sites listed here. Go ahead, do it. Read There Is No Me Without You (((older readers))). Research HIV.

Did you do it? Now consider what you have read: HIV is not so easily transmitted nor so “scary” as you might have thought. Now consider this: even if it was, that would be no excuse for God’s people to neglect His call to care for the “least of these.” Isn’t His carrying our disease and conquering us with His love enough to compel us to us to carry them- their sickness and their souls- before His throne? Isn’t it enough to inspire us to show them that love? Do we believe that the love of Christ is enough? Do we believe it will reach even them? “‘Love never fails’- is love failing now?” (Amy Carmichael)


The Big + October 6, 2009

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What if, when the love of God constrained you to consider touching the untouchable, you found out that the untouchable are very touchable after all- and huggable, feelable, lovable?

I wonder how most of my blog readers will respond to this post in their minds? There are, I suppose, a great lot of not-knowers. If you are a not-knower, I strongly suggest that you pursue becoming a knower (talk to Momma!). I am not blind to the fact that I myself do not know everything there is to know on the subject. Here is some of what I do know.

Right now, children & adults in Africa are dying because they cannot get the lifesaving ARVs they need- medications which are very gettable in the U.S. Children who with the proper treatment could live “normal” lives- like Josiah

josieLike Mercy

mom 173Like the children you love.

How long will this go on?

Until people know?

Until people understand?

Until people stop being afraid- afraid to touch?

Until we see their faces?

Until we realise they’re real?

Until we love enough to touch, hug, feel, pray for?

I’m for real. The body of Christ is called to follow in His steps. Christ carried our disease- will we be satisfied to let them die of theirs? They too need the love of Christ- will we show them that love? Inasmuch as we visit the least of these sick, we’ve done it unto Him. Will we ‘do it unto Him’? Will we pray? Will we love like Christ?

Will we?