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WHAT? You’re a PERSON??? November 3, 2009

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For serious?

degv 003

LEFT TO RIGHT: Tyler (20), Sarah (11), Emily (21), Josiah (1), Ellen (17), Momma (Christy), Trey (19), Mercy (3), Daddy (Les), Annie (7), Jacob (16), Hannah (14), & Ben (12).


hmmmm… October 30, 2009

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So what do y’all think Mercy is talking about?

“Our brother in law is getting married.” Tyler?
“Who can I be married to?” No one yet.
“But I can be married to someone, when I’m walking down the island.” The island?


since, of courrse, your just dying to see pictures of my adorable siblings (& friends adorable kids!)… May 19, 2009

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or even if you’re not, you might look anyway…

sweet josie
Sweet Josiah
beloved mercy
Mercy Kate
isaac and mercy
Isaac & Mercy

 (((Isaac & Ellie are friends Anthony & Hannah’s children: *http://matheniafamily.blogspot.com/*))


Just some pictures for now… January 27, 2009

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three guesses what this is a picture of:

1) the floor in the Den

2) Stripes

3) 2 Cows


Josiah selecting his next read




 Sweet Mercy

 The answer is, C: Two Cows.

At least, Mercy is sure convinced.



Not Impressed January 5, 2009

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Sarah, Sarah & Hannah

Maybe they were posing for the cover of their new album (on which they sing “Something Crazy” off key and very loudly while listening to the iPod).

Sarah & Mercy

Saturday, Momma & the three ‘middle’ kids (Hannah, Ben & Sarah) were gone to the movies & I was getting Mercy down for her nap. She kept getting up & I had to make her get back in bed. When she had finally settled down I thought, I went downstairs or something– and came back to hear wails and cries coming from her bed. I tried to ignore it for a while since it’s not that unusual for her to fuss a while before going to sleep, but finally (I know, bad child training) I went in there & sat on the bed beside her. It didn’t take any urging to get her to say what was wrong. Between gasps of sorrow, she confessed: “I-(pitiful whine)-got up-(sucking in of breath)-and- the guys- Trey and Emma-(whine)- told me to go lay down-(sucking in of breath)- and I- (sad whine sucking in of breath gasp noise)- was not not very impressed!!!” This was followed by a fresh round of wailing & something that sounded like a big sister trying to hide a laugh & sound sympathetic.



ADOPTION NEWS!!! December 29, 2008

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Yeah, I know. After the post on Momma’s blog, this joke is getting a little old. That’s what I’ve been feeling like lately too, it’s geting old. Somehow, it seems even MORE urgent this time around– maybe because I know that probably right now, my little siblings are born & growing older every day- alone. Sometimes we wish we could have everything our way, you know. But we can’t. Because of the curcumstances God has placed our family in, we cannot even begin to work toward having our little ones home. This is where we have to grow- grow to trust God better, trust that He will open those gates in His timing if it is His will for us to do this thing.

So here we are again, much like this time a year ago, and that is the theme of this post- the waiting part of adoption. It isn’t easy. It is so hard, so hard. Now, we’re just waiting to wait- which is extra trying. It will probably be a while before I’ll be posting any news here. I’m waiting for news too.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers.


About Josiah’s adoption– pray that we will be able to finalise in February as planned.



Mercy before the feast


What would have been on our cards if we had taken it on time

japen siah

Jake & Josiah having a brother moment


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(the pitures in earliers post were a few from our family christmas feast & one of Annie, Jake & Mercy)


It wont let me type anything but the title or upload the rest of my pictures. Weird.

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rah & annie