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Are you a part of the problem? Or a part of the solution? December 3, 2009

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God forbid that I should ever become apathetic. I know myself. I know how easy it would be to not care- I am surrounded, it seems, in American ‘Christianity’ be people who would probably never consider themselves apathetic- but it appears that in many areas apathy has become a way of life which they are so used to that they don’t even notice. And I know my own heart, I know how easy it would be… I don’t want to be comfortable with the fact that they are “making void God’s law” all around me. I don’t want to get used to souls dying all around.

But then it gets tricky. Then I see the apathy in my own heart- I see how little I really care. I see how seldomly I weep. I see how often I don’t care and I see that it’s easy to write good sounding words when it doesn’t cost anything.  Where is my heart? I never, ever want to be apathetic. I never want to not care.

They are not only people being immoral with other people. Not just people killing babies. Not just those horrific things- they are people created in the image of God living in open rebellion to Him. And I was once there.

The joy which is now my reality is available to those who will but come to Him. The Blood which paid my ransom, is it not effective for them? My Christ Who is what it means to have “life abundant” is more than capable to save them.

Not only that, but they are openly dragging the Name of Christ through the mud. And are not His people, by our silence, dragging it lower? Will the world look on and be able to say that we care less about the cause of Christ than homosexuals and pro-abortionists care about theirs? “Are you a part of the problem of a part of the solution?” Is the Name of Christ really worthy to be glorified?

Pray that God Himself would be with us. Pray that He would revive His Church and make us into a praying people. Pray the He would come.


The Big + pt. 2 (links) October 29, 2009

O.K, so I’m FINALLY posting the second part on this subject… although those who didn’t know I even had a second part probably didn’t notice… hmm…

First, visit the websites of Project Hopeful, Ahope, and the some of the sites listed here. Go ahead, do it. Read There Is No Me Without You (((older readers))). Research HIV.

Did you do it? Now consider what you have read: HIV is not so easily transmitted nor so “scary” as you might have thought. Now consider this: even if it was, that would be no excuse for God’s people to neglect His call to care for the “least of these.” Isn’t His carrying our disease and conquering us with His love enough to compel us to us to carry them- their sickness and their souls- before His throne? Isn’t it enough to inspire us to show them that love? Do we believe that the love of Christ is enough? Do we believe it will reach even them? “‘Love never fails’- is love failing now?” (Amy Carmichael)