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I have been sick… December 28, 2007

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Well… I have been sick… FOR A WHOLE WEEK!!!

Actually, it was six days… it felt like at least six months. This is the reason I have not worked on the blog lately.

 Today Momma and I went to the place in Pontotoc where we are opening our booth. I see that our booth is somewhat small, but I think that is actually a good thing: this way, there is less to fill up :-). No, really, I like making the overalls & helping Momma with the other products. I love being able to work at my house with the people I like most all around me. Where else could I have Hannah read “The Fellowship Of The Ring” to me while I work? Or have Mercy sit in my lap and ‘help’ (AKA, press every button and pull every lever she shouldn’t press or pull)? Anyway, next week I need to make Monkey overalls and a few pair Girl frogs to get ready for when we move into the booth.

We had a wonderful Christmas Celebration on Christmas eve… despite the fact that we were all sick. Momma gave Mercy one of those bags of 100 little plastic balls like a ball pit (we just put them in a Rubbermaid box) and she has been playing with it NON-STOP! She loves it.


“Hey Momma? I’ll take care of the Holiday leftovers!”


“OK, now THAT was yummy!”

Sarah BEGS me to come and play a game with her… I can not longer resist. However, I may write more tomorrow


The Brotherhood Of Sons December 19, 2007

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As I noted yesterday, we are currently in the beginning of the process of adopting a new little brother or sister. We are so very excited about the prospect of having a new baby in the future, and I think we have visited about every Christian adoption website on the world wide web (not really). Anyway, Momma found the link to this somewhere and I believe it may be one of the best articles concerning adoption I have read. Here is the link:



Celebrate A Simple Life December 17, 2007

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Mercy Kate

 Mercy Kate enjoying a bit of Fall

Welcome to my new blog, Celebrate A Simple Life. I hope to post articles as well as some personal things in the future.

I am sixteen years old and I enjoy every moment of celebrating the simple life God has blessed me with, at home with my parents and eight living siblings, as well as my cousin Isabelle Grace who is staying with us for a time.  We are also in the begining of the process of adopting another baby brother or sister, which we are quite excited about.

I also enjoy sewing & designing (check out this site: Abby’s Grace), writing, being homeschooled, having visitors, and being a part of our Church.

We currently have a small flock of laying hens, three cats (Allie, Lucy and Susan), and a big brown lab named Luther.


Hello world!

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Hi Everyone! Welcome to my new blog.